5 Benefits of Eating Cannabis Edibles


The growth of medical cannabis dispensaries in most states has given patients an option to try out other means of acquiring medical weed legally. Many people that the most legal way of taking marijuana is by smoking it. Over the years, however, there has also been an increase in the number of dispensaries offering marijuana-infused edibles.

What are cannabis-infused edibles?

From the name itself, these food products are infused with essential strains of marijuana. With marijuana edibles, your digestive system converts the inactive form of THC to delta-11, a compound that produces different effects than delta-9. When you eat cannabis-infused edibles, you get the combined effect of delta-11 and delta-9.

With cannabis-infused edibles, you get more body-centered effects in contrast with smoked marijuana. In addition, the effects are evenly spread out in the body. Eating cannabis instead of smoking or inhaling it is a healthier alternative because there is no exposure to carbon, tar, or carcinogens.

Marijuana-infused edibles are exposed to some kind of heat during the cooking process. For this reason, most of the inactive cannabinoids such as THCA and CBDA are converted to THC, CBD, and CBN. If you are wondering about the benefits of eating marijuana edibles, read on and be guided.

Measured/Consistent Dosing

For medical cannabis patients, it can be difficult to measure how much THC you’re getting from cannabis-infused edibles. Most patients would like to get exactly what they want from cannabis. Most reputable companies and dispensaries are subjected to testing and safety standards. They produce cannabis edibles using measured dosing and they test the products for consistency.


Edibles can take up to an hour and a half to become effective and can last for about 6 hours or more. It can have a drowsy or sedative effect compared to smoked marijuana. This makes it beneficial to patients with insomnia or as a pain reliever. Edible cannabis is also great for relieving muscle spasm. In addition, the tired, burned out feeling of smoked marijuana is far less noticeable with cannabis-infused edibles.


Discretion and Accessibility

Let’s face it. Even if marijuana is already legal, you would still feel uneasy taking it in public to treat your medical condition. With edibles, however, you can consume cannabis discreetly without other people knowing you are taking marijuana.

Also, edibles come in different forms so you have other options to consume cannabis. You can take them as elixirs, fruit strips, and chocolate bars so it will not be obvious to the people around you.

Cooking with Cannabis

Cannabis can spice up most of our favorite food. Have you ever eaten space brownies? Are you even aware that it has cannabis as one of its ingredients. Marijuana has also been added to favorite food items like pizza, granola, or butter. There is also cannabis quinoa salad which is healthy and delicious.

Sharing Tradition

Consuming cannabis has been part of history for years. From the Chinese to the Hindus, different cultures have ingested marijuana in different forms. Among the Hindus, a popular cannabis-ingested drink is Bhang. This drink has been synonymous with the Indian Holi Festival.

Among the Americans, there is a custom of consuming pot brownies. So marijuana has been a part of different cultures. By eating cannabis, you are taking part in the long tradition of consuming marijuana.