5 online Proctoring services for conducting exams


Days of physical invigilation are over. More tests are conducted online, than on-premises.  Employers and academic institutions need solutions to administer tests that can conveniently assess candidates without compromising the integrity of tests.

The limitation for space for conducting tests, flexibility in time to take tests, and the advantage of access to global talent make online proctoring services the go-to choice for employers as well as academic institutions.

With online proctoring, academic and employability assessment tests can be administered conveniently. Tests are conducted by software applications which also ensures no warranted activities are taking place, while a test is in process. Typically, test-takers are required to prove their identity with AI-enabled techniques like keystroke analysis or facial recognition. Once the software application authenticates the identity of a candidate, test starts, and continues, while ensuring no cheating is taking place.

Online proctoring services ease the test conducting process as time, space, and the need for human invigilation is eliminated.

Top Online Proctoring Service Providers

Proctor U – Proctor U is Alabama, the US-based online proctoring service provider. It offers online proctoring and lives proctoring services with its AI-powered proctoring service. It counts the University of Florida and Cameron University among other customers.

  • USP: AI-powered live and online proctoring service, ID authentication
  • End-user:  Academic institutions, small and large businesses

Exam strong: This proctoring solution provider caters to the needs of certification bodies and professional organizations that enable capability validation. Higher educational institutions and the world’s leading certification bodies count as its customers. Kenya Methodist University, United States Private Equity Council, National Computer Board (NCB) count as its customers.

USP: Real-time proctoring summary and examinee performance summary
End-user: Certification bodies, higher educational institutes 

Started in 2013, Examity caters to companies like Amazon, Coursera, and Tableau. The company provides proctoring solutions to colleges, universities, corporates, and enterprise testing organizations. The company has over 500 clients.

  • USP: Along with auto, life, and ID authentication, it offers a full-range integrated proctoring solution with 24*7 support
  • End-user: Corporates, certification bodies, standardized testing providers, educational providers

Mettle: This is a Gurgaon-based proctoring service provider. It offers online assessment, skill assessment, and proctoring services. The company provides review and recording proctoring services, auto, and live proctoring. The company conducts more than 12 million tests annually.
Along with higher educational institutions like Ghent University, the company caters to corporates like Optimizely.  
USP: AI-powered, biometric authentication, IP protection to prevent cheating, 24*7 support
End-user: Individual instructors, students, training centers, higher educational institution

Verificient – It is a New York based digital remote proctoring service provider. The proctoring service is enabled by AI, machine learning, biometrics, and computer vision. Along with providing proctoring service, the company provides automated proctoring for a worker who works from home.  

  • USP: IP protection to prevent cheating, AI-powered, full-range assessment solution, and a suite of online proctoring services.
  • End user:  Students, instructors, institutes

So there you have five proctoring service providers, each one differs slightly in its offerings. One of these vendors should fulfill your proctoring needs.