5 Tricks to Have The Best Plex Hosting Experience

5 Tricks to Have The Best Plex Hosting Experience

Plex users are recently growing at high pace. Media lovers who love to spend enormous time on streaming their media files and downloading and uploading videos, find this media server too much beneficial.

Although there are plenty of media servers available in the market, people love to make use of Plex hosting server due to their back to back features.

Now since you are well aware of the advanced features integrated into the server, it is of no use to list them down. But do you think knowing just about the features is enough to use Plex efficiently?

Very often we find users are facing problems or feeling irritated while streaming their media files online. This is because you are not familiar with the tricks on how to use Plex to have the best Plex experience.

No need to worry. Since in this blog we have focused on such 8 tricks that can help you to get the best experience ever.

5 Tricks and Tips for Using Plex Hosting Server

  1. Make use of the unsupported App Store: Only a handful of users know about this trick that Plex can be the best media streaming partner if you install the unsupported app stores.Have you ever thought to take advantage of this? Unfortunately not. These unsupported apps store allow the users to access hundreds of TV channels along with video-on-demand services that you will hardly find anywhere else.Follow the instructions and install them for your benefits.
  2. Access Bilingual movie libraries: Another most important trick is to access bilingual movie libraries. Now, this is one of the must-needed benefits that almost everyone of us look for, while streaming media files.How does this work? Suppose you have a bunch of English audio movie files that have the option for dual language facility. With this library, you get access to organize your files in two separate folders containing two separate languages.No matter in which language you want to watch, you can access the respective library.
  3. Stop getting attracted toward Channels: Plex users, in the beginning, remain too much focused on channel stores where they can add anything that they find interesting. But do you think its a good habit? Not actually. You have to drop this habit of getting attracted to every single channel that you feel amazing. This hinders the performance of the Plex hosting server a lot, creating bugs in every single step.
  4. Plex-file naming scheme: Do you find playful to scroll down the entire music of the movie library and find out the file you want? We guess this is not only tiring but even irritating.With the Plex file naming scheme, you get the access to organize your files according to the initials along with the details of the episodes. Plex servers make use of scanners and metadata agents to collect information from every episode into your library.This, of course, gives you the most flexible experience, allow you to navigate the server with ease.
  5. Keep your eyes on CPU: Often people waste time choosing their devices to perform the streaming activity using this Plex server. They feel the better the device the better is the experience.How many of you feel the same? Well, if you are raising your hands up, you are definitely misguided. Plex has nothing to do with the device type, it is the CPU performance that matters a lot.Hence, instead of concentrating on GPU, it is worth if you pay more attention to your CPU.

Above all, how can you forget the Plex Pass subscription? The premium server has a lot to amaze the audience.

The Concluding Lines

The Plex hosting server is definitely a bang for the media lovers. Its intuitive features along with its Plex G Drive facility compel the users to stick to this server over and over again.

But dear, make sure you are using this server as mentioned above. Otherwise, you will fail to have the best hosting experience.

Keep streaming online!