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Is Kohli the worst captain in the IPL?


3 consecutive ODI defeats, 2 consecutive Test defeats, 2 consecutive T20 matches loss, and 6 consecutive IPL losses, which loudly asking questions over Virat's captaincy. Don't you think the same?

Let talk on the bases of cricketing sense

If Virat Kohli was able to make the right decision by reading the match situation, then surely RCB will not be at the bottom of the points table today. Virat Kohli should be removed from the captaincy by himself, It sure will be good for Virat Kohli and the team Instead of having the world most dangerous batsman, RCB loss six in a Row, literally its not acceptable for me and cricket

Date April 7 | Delhi vs RCB

In the first six overs, they were only two wickets down, Virat himself was playing a bit slow, after the dismissals of the ABD, Marcus Stonis came to the batting. Akshar Patel's attack was going on, We already know often left-handed batsman has more ability to hit left-hander bowler, but-but Kohli didn't send Moen Ali for batting. When Stoney was dismissed, Moin Ali played a horrible inning.

Date 5th April KKR vs RCB

53 run was required in last three over, wow! they lost with of 5 balls to spare. Can anyone Imagine? Now the big question arises, is it really fair to blame only the bowlers and fielders for being unable to defend such an enormous total? The answer is a clear NO and here i am telling you why: Looking down at the RCB bowling card, we see the spinners ' overs have been bowled at an economy slightly above 6. It's hard to imagine a team losing to defend a total of 205, with spinners giving away only 6 runs per over and having three spinners in the lineup. But RCB found a way to lose again, and this time it was the inability of Captain Kohli to react to the matching situation In no way can it be said that if Kohli's decisions were better on the field, the result would have been different, Russell might still have taken his side home, but the fact that Kohli still has to find better ways to respond to situations even after captaining RCB for 6 years is a matter of serious concern. I hope the results of the IPL will not affect Kohli's international career. Read full cricket expert view on Kohli captaincy in Hindi According to you, who is responsible for the consecutive losses of RCB?



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