Buying a House? Ask these crucial questions from your Attorney


For any matter, there is always a need for somebody who can guide and direct you through all the legal aspects and conditions. For this purpose, an attorney is one professional who can give you expert advice and opinion. If you are buying something big so taking guidance from a specialist is very important.

Crucial Questions to ask your Attorney

Buying a house is one dream that everyone has and wants to accomplish.  But many questions are there that buyer encounters; especially when you have turned your mind to Stop Renting and Buy Your Own. An ordinary attorney is also educated with all the constitutional information but hiring a property attorney has many benefits. He/ she have the particular info that you need to ask about buying a house.

Who will be paid the deposit?

After surveying and selecting a few house options; you then have a bundle of legal questions that only an attorney or lawyer can answer. The first question that comes in your mind is about the deposit of the house. Paying the deposit to rely on the contract you have made. If the deal is made directly between the parties then pay it to the seller. If a third party is involved then payment is made to that party and the representative will make the transactions.

Who gets paid the occupational rent?

It depends on the type of property you are buying.  It is the amount that a buyer has to pay if someone is staying in the property that is bought. The estate agent receives the payment and is given to the renter or the seller. If the contract says to pay it directly to the other party then the buyer is bound to obey it.

At what time the transfer signature is done?

When the contract between the two parties is made, examined a second time and the deal is signed; then after a few weeks, the transfer signature is done. The attorney you have hired will register the contract and when the ownership of the seller is cancelled then the transfer signature is done.

What is the time period for the transfer?

The usual time period is three months. This duration begins from the date of the sale. Sometimes the duration of time changes; on the basis of the contract that is made between the parties. There are many companies that provide with attorneys like Stop Renting Perth who can guide you during the transfer time.

How will the transfer be registered?

Usually, the houses are bought with the help of a loan taken from a bank. If that is the case then the bank will hire a panel of attorneys who will overlook the whole process of transfer. One of the attorneys will also do the bond registration and the procedure can complete quickly if the transfer and bond registration is done by the same person.

How will be the registration known?

There are three parties who will inform you about the registration. All three can tell you about it or even one can.

  1. The secretary of the attorney or the attorney him/ herself.
  2. The real estate agent or agency.
  3. The bank form which you have taken the loan.

Should Stop Renting and Buy Your Own be considered?

Today many other options are available for the buyers when it comes to buying a home. You must have in a time period thought of buying the residential dwelling in which you are currently staying as tenants. What if you can buy the house you are renting? Discuss the option with your attorney to make a better decision.

When the keys of the property will be given?

It is normally when the entire amount has been paid to the seller; or the transfer of the bond is completed, registered and confirmation is received. A point to note here is that the time and date can change according to the clause of the contract. A specific date can be agreed upon by both parties and mentioned in the contract bond.

Is insurance really needed?

Yes, absolutely insurance is necessary for the house. When you buy insurance for things like car, income, money and even life; then why you think about it for the house are going to buy. The insurance covers all types of damages done for any reason at all. When buying insurance building, public liability, content and house insurance should be the ones in the list.

What amount to offer the seller?

It is a matter that ruins most of the deals made. The buyers offer the sellers too less amount that the buyers immediately back out. A wise and intelligent attorney will suggest the best range that the buyer can give the sellers and they accept it.

How much the attorney will charge?

For every type of deal, the attorney charges differently. If the agreement has complicated clauses then the rate will be higher. For the Stop Renting and Buy Your Own contract the payment made to the attorney will be distinct from the normal ones.