Crucial Tips to Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth - Smile 4 U Dental

A baby is the entire world for the parents and of course, they will not compromise anything for their babies, even it be minor dental problems. It is good to start maintaining your baby’s oral hygiene from an early age to protect it from any unwanted dental issues.

As your baby’s gum is very delicate you have to wait until the first tooth comes out and apart from teeth you have to also focus on the gums health. Some tips are given here to take proper dental care for children. Read on to know:

Preliminary tactics

  1. At first, you can notice the emergence of your baby’s first tooth at the age of 6-month. Rest of the milk teeth will be emerged completely by 2 or 3 years of age. So, in this stage, you must use delicate stuffs to take proper care of your baby’s oral health.
  2. Secondly, you have to choose the proper brush for brushing your baby’s teeth. Though the selection of a perfect brush is entirely up to you yet it is recommendable to choose soft-bristled ones. This is so, because it will perform its role effectively and gently on the delicate gums of your baby. Otherwise, you can use muslin cloth or soft gauge at the same time.
  3. It is highly advised to avoid the use of toothpaste until your baby is 2 because till this age they are not able to accustom the spitting trick. Instead of it, you may use a wet cloth for rubbing gently inside of your baby’s mouth in circular motion.
  4. Using of toothpaste becomes very essential once your baby enters the tempting sugary world and gets introduced with it. Flavoured milk, fruit juices, chocolates and much more savoury items are enough to influence the build up of bacteria in the mouth which will decline its health by leading to numerous dental problems. These are also responsible for sudden minerals loss and degradation of tooth enamel respectively.
  5. Are you thinking that which toothpaste is ideal for your baby? You can undoubtedly go for the one contains fluoride as its main active ingredient. Baby’s toothpaste must contain right amount of this essential mineral because it is quite efficient for improving the oral health of the babies. You can even consult with best dentist in Croydon at Smile 4 U Dental to choose the right and suitable one for your child.

Some general dental issues of babies

    • Thumb-sucking: One of the common natural habits of babies is thumb-sucking. As per the child experts, babies usually get habituated to thumb-sucking for soothing themselves. It is normal in the nominal phase, but if persists even after it can be problematic for the dental health. It can effectively resist the normal growth rate of the teeth. The pressure produces during the sucking of a thumb is enough to misalign any tooth out of its own position. Gradually, it will lead to severe dental issues like speech problems and improper bite. So, it is highly advisable to the parents that rather scolding your babies, try to make them understand what its possible outcomes are.
  • Teething: Tooth peeping is the indicator that your baby starts growing up. During the initial stage, teething will not be comfortable for a baby as it can cause irritation and pain due to the appearance of the gum tissue. Nowadays, several accessories for dental care for children are available in the market including teething toys. These are helpful in diverting the mind of the babies, otherwise; you can even use wet muslin cloth for teething purposes. Even sometimes the aching areas can be rubbed gently with a clean finger.

Adoption of preventive dental care from the initial stage of your baby helps in maintaining a good oral health. You must take your baby to a dentist at a regular interval of time for oral checkups. By this way, you will be able to create safeguards against the emergence of any dental problems for your baby. Soon, their fear for the dental tools and dentists will get averted.