Easy Modification: 6 Cars with a Great Tuning Potential


Many drivers would like to get behind the steering wheel of a powerful and nice-looking car. And if for some of them it’s enough to take an exotic car rental at GRR airport in Atlanta to realize their dream, then other drivers are trying to improve the visual and power characteristics of their vehicles with the help of car tuning.

Car tuning can be applied to absolutely any car, but there are models that are especially loved by tuners. Here’re some of the most iconic modification-friendly cars…

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is one of the most significant models in the history of the company. Over its 40-year history, the company has sold millions of copies worldwide, so it’s not surprising that their owners wanted to stand out.

The fact that the model had a relatively low cost, a high level of practicality and a somewhat boring design also played a key role in the tuning popularity of Volkswagen Golf. That’s why car owners wanted to make the car more stylish, original and attractive.

Later, the manufacturer himself launched on the market a charged version of the Golf GTI, and then also the Golf R. It seemed to be specially created to please the fans of tuning.

Today, the 7th generation Volkswagen Golf is on the market, which continues to challenge the world’s best tuning studios.

Dodge Challenger

This car was introduced to the world community in the 70s of the last century as a response to the actions of Ford, which manufactured a muscle car called Mustang.

The first generation of Dodge Challenger lasted only 4 years on the assembly line, but this was enough to make the model sunk into the hearts of fans of truly powerful and uncompromising cars.

In 1978, the company introduced the second generation of the model, which lost its power and aggression, turning into a boring vehicle for weekend walks.

The revival of the Dodge Challenger took place in 2008, when the company introduced its third generation. The novelty received a formidable appearance and a high-performance filling, which pushed tuning enthusiasts to action. The car lends itself well not only to visual, but also to technical tuning. A striking example is the SRT Hellcat model, equipped with a 6.2-liter 707-hps engine.

Audi TT

Audi TT is one of the most charismatic and stylish cars ever produced by the company. In order to realize this fact, just look at the first Audi TT generation, which debuted on the world stage in 1998. Even by today’s standards, the car looks quite stylish and modern.

The car owes its popularity among tuning enthusiasts to a memorable appearance, excellent behavior on the road and relatively low price compared to sports cars.

Today, the third generation of Audi TT is on the market, which, thanks to the efforts of a whole staff of first-class designers, has received an extremely bright and dynamic exterior. That’s why the tuning studios switched to refinement of the technical component, after which the car can well compete with the best sports cars in the world.

BMW 1 Series

In the lineup of the company there’s not a single car that tuning wouldn’t suit. However, most often tuning masters turn their eyes to the models of the first series, which is most likely due to its relatively low cost.

The range of technical details and exterior decorations not only competes with the same range for VW Golf, but also surpasses it.

True, the latest generation of the BMW 1-series got a front-wheel drive instead of a proprietary rear-wheel drive, which somewhat frightened off the tuning studios.

Nissan GT-R

In 2007, the Japanese company’s lineup was updated with the GT-R sports coupe, which managed to become a true legend not only among tuning lovers, but fans of a really fast ride.

We should pay tribute to the manufacturer, who already included a bright and stylish design and high-tech filling in the basic version of the model. As a result, the car can challenge supercars, the cost of which is several times higher than that of the Nissan GT-R

In 2013, Nissan management made a real gift to fans of the model, introducing an even more charged version of the GT-R Nismo sports coupe.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

This is another Japanese vehicle which is so loved by the tuning studios of the whole world. However, this is not surprising, because the car played a significant role in the formation and development of the brand.

Add here successful performances in the rally and the presence of a charged modification of Lancer Evolution, which already in the stock version can compete with legendary supercars, and you will get a 100% recipe for success.

If today we look at the number of tuned Mitsubishi Lancer cars, it turns out that the first generations of charged Evolution are in greatest demand, due to the purchase price, reliability and ease of modification.