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What to publish on NewsIdeology

(Write and get awarded)

The News Ideology is a community of peoples, whose words speak louder than their voice. One who focuses on writing, editing, publishing on Technology, Social, Political, Financial or anything that lies in between the universe

 “Words speaks more powerfully than Voice, and when you use words as your voice, you probably won’t stop writing.” -NewsIdeology

What to publish on NewsIdeology

We only accept content that is not published anywhere else on the web. We always ensure that stories are getting published to our website, gain the most possible exposure.

What if the content is highly creative

When the creative content got published, it appears at the top of the website in the “Trending” section of our homepage. Otherwise, the article will be submitted to the chosen selected category while submitted for review.

Guest Post Submission Guideline

  • All submissions must be in English and free of any questions of grammar, spelling or language. Write worth reading
  • An article must be titled and described, the body of the article should be formatted properly. Try to write SEO optimized content
  • All submissions must include a featured image News Ideology reserve the right to remove questionable images from submissions. Only the author is responsible for any copywriter/Legal Issues.
  • We will publish a maximum of 1 story per day per writer.
  • Any copied content like sayings must be tagged in the double quote (" ")

 Rules for outgoing links

  • Maximum two Do follow link are allowed. If the content is above 1000 words then the author will be awarded with 2 do follow links otherwise only one do-follow link. 
  • Make sure you aren’t linking with spammy websites. Your account will be suspended permanantly.

 Write and get Rewarded

  • Money isn’t everything, If you write better "worth reading and sharing" and do complete fifty articles in your account. You will be honored with author account on News Ideology. Our writers do not need approval for publishing the content. Authors can publish articles instantly.
  • You will become part of our core member. And all your articles will be shown on the homepage trending section.

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