Top 10 Internet of things (IoT) app development companies in India 2020


How IoT will Transform the Future of Connected World by 2020?

We live in a modern era where things are getting smarter than people! There exist more than 12 billion connected devices in the world today. Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology responsible for the enhanced interaction between the businesses and the physical world.  IoT enables everybody objects to have network connectivity using sensors and allows them to receive/ send data.

The rising importance of IoT app development has changed the way people across the globe interact with the world. From the agricultural sector to defense, from healthcare to retail, every industry will be impacted. Research says by the year 2020, there would be 24 billion IoT devices installed all around the world. In this blog, we will find out how IoT will transform the way businesses work in the future.

You are reading this blog so, I can assume you are Looking to include IoT technology into your upcoming mobile app development project. And at the same time you searching for top Indian IoT development companies? Our Business Analyst has handpicked the finest developers in IoT technology to help service seekers (You) find a reliable IoT partner.

Here is the recommended list of top IoT app development companies in India

-1. Clavax Technologies

Launched by the group of expert minds and developers, Clavax is one of the best IoT app development companies in the US that focusses on helping businesses analyze data, create an actionable IoT design and implement robust plans. With the motive to bridge the gap between physical and digital world with IoT, the company help enterprises in overcoming the industry-specific challenges and achieve better efficiency with reduced cost. Clavax offers innovative and scalable IoT app and web development services based on bespoke needs of customers from various industry verticals like finance, education, retail, healthcare, smart manufacturing, etc.

Expertise in IoT

Custom IoT services for enterprises industries,  IoT app development for wearables and other devices voice-powered IoT solutions, Backend and cloud integration, IoT support & maintenance

-2. Intellectsoft

We, the Bangalore based startup works on provide next-generation sensor-based smart solutions for eCommerce and logistics business.  Intellectsoft is a consultancy for digital boutique conversion based in Palo Alto, California. The Company offers cutting-edge IoT engineering solutions for worldwide businesses and Fortune 500 with the mission to assist businesses to speed up the implementation of new technologies, untangle complicated problems that always arise during digital evolution, and orchestrate continuing innovation.

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How IoT will Transform the Future of Connected World by 2020?

Listed below are the top IOT mobile app trend 2020 that can be witnessed in the near future and beyond-

  • Analytics

The contextual sensor data collected will help to predict failures and adopt preventive methods using machine learning to lower costs & boost satisfaction.

  • Connectivity

With the rise of technologies offering connectivity at different levels, there will be increased adoption of how devices could connect to one another/cloud.

  • Cloud Architecture

Using a cloud-based IoT model helps businesses access the workforce and websites located at remote corners, which is one of the main reasons for fast adoption.

  • Ecosystem

An increase in the number of participants in IoT will pose new challenges. However, interoperability of different devices and components can be maintained by certification & standardization bodies.


-3. Value Coder

Dedicated IoT developers at ValueCoders deliver reliable IoT development solutions that cater to the goals and requirements of your business irrespective of its size, location or industry vertical. Value Coder was founded in 2005 and is a veteran of the IoT mobile app and web development sector. Value Coder has extended to two offices in one is in Gurugram India and USA since its foundation. The team of over 400 staff handles mobile and web development initiatives, IoT solutions, wearable technology, and mobile gaming. One company that can simplify and automate the business services with smart and connected devices is Value Coder.

-4. Algo works

We are specialists in the creation of IoT mobile apps with expertise in catering to companies from all domains. We at Algoworks are specialized in developing end-to-end mobile IoT solutions tailored to your needs. Algo works offer business thoughts and perspectives on the correct IoT consultancy to benefit from the advantages of Machine-to-Machine / IoT technology. We work with product and platform businesses to enhance M2 M ecosystem products and provide businesses with an intelligent, safe and linked experience to the tech world.

-5. Tech Ahead

Tech Ahead is the experience IoT app game-changer in the current market. We have comprehensive IoT mobile app experience. We support the client in the IoT strategy and thinking through the entire process – determining how creating and modifying existing products and services will change the user or customer experience. Every app development company is focusing on delivering mobility solutions integrated with the IoT technology to meet the growing importance of mobility in the IoT world. Along with the services, we can offer business consultancy as well. Talk with our experts to embrace IoT for connected possibilities & see how far your business can go!

-6. Peerbits

Peerbits is a global IoT solution provider firm that provides services around the world with varies services like web development, mobile app and IT consulting services of any complexity. Peerbits has a powerful team of 50 + IT professionals who are extremely qualified. Peerbits carries the trust of more than 200 + clients spread across diverse business verticals. Peerbits is committed to excellence through a systematic and disciplined process. Our approach is as simple & powerful as IOT’s concept of – enabling devices to communicate intelligently through the internet.

-7. Fugenx

FuGenX Technologies develops extremely functional IoT wearable applications that can be consistent with immediate interoperability, profile management, information collection, notifications, safety, and many other characteristics and characteristics. We are India based IoT company with deeply talented and experienced solution architects, designers, and developers around the globe to assist create User-friendly, high-quality goods in IoT services. They are pioneers and best developers of IoT apps as well as Web Development businesses and have made a variety of huge and complicated projects

-8. Appinventiv

We are Appinventiv, India’s commanding  IoT Technology solution provider, specialized in Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Automation & Game Designing and Development. By harnessing the increasing potential of IoT growth, we develop an intelligent connection between individuals, machine, and procedures for unified functioning. We provide end-to-end development of IoT solutions, cloud collaboration, IoT Application Development Services to multiple sectors such as medicine and healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, and home automation.

-9. Contus

In our daily lives, phones are no longer the only smart devices that we use. We are moving into the future by making the Internet of Things smarter for every device around us.  As IoT is becoming one of the latest technology trends in today’s world, mobility plays a main role in contributing to its popularity. All the data collected from IoT are leveraged in real-time using mobile devices. We create technology-driven and business-oriented IoT solutions as a leading IoT application development business by understanding your requirements, adequate planning.

-10. Hidden Brains

Our Technology knowhow for IoT Application Development. We have exposed ourselves to the latest technologies bringing brilliance into your IoT applications. With our deep knowhow, we are able to offer seamless user experience and enhanced customer engagement. At Hidden Brains, we know the significance of having a solid IoT app that complements your IoT approach by assessing the regions of pain and offering the technical alternatives connected with it. An IoT Application is a new component of every industry today aimed at empowering clients and gathering insights into the process.

The Industry Focus for IoT Application Development Services


Industries that focus on IoT apps

5 Ways IoT is Impacting Mobile App Development

App development is a booming trend and given the increasing popularity of smartphones, this trend is here to stay.

Here are some major benefits you can get through IoT app development

  1. New business opportunities
  2. Delight your customers
  3. Enhance the efficiency of your product
  4. Utilize the power of technology to solve the complex problem and offer a simple solution
  5. To stay ahead of the competition
  6. Let your devices talk
  7. Use technology to reach more targeted users

Closing Statement

Innovative companies have started to adopt IoT strategy & technology to re-engineer the products & services that will help in redefining the relationships with customers, employees & partners.  It’s time to explore connected possibilities & see how far your business can go! Before you talk with the experts of the leading IoT app development company, ensure that you are aware of these latest IoT Mobile App Development Trends. Embrace IoT to generate new business opportunities and avail the immense benefits by making data actionable for real-time decisions.

I believe the above data will be useful to locate the Best IoT App Development Companies in India to contribute to advancing your business of ‘Things’.


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