What is the Best Automotive School in the UK?


United Kingdom is famous for its advance Auto Manufacturing Industry that gave birth to many leading brands of vehicle. It produced a large number of vehicles in all kind of heavy and consumer vehicles. Automotive engineering is one of the highly technical fields that are being taught in bachelors and master level degree programs. The programs offered in the UK promote a stimulating culture of research, design and development, which equips the students with technical knowledge and skills to design, develop, produce, test, amend and operate cars on their own. These individuals can also work as MOT training experts at the training centers.

Following are the 5 best automotive schools in the UK that you can select from if you are planning to start your career in automotive engineering.

  1. University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is known for its research-active culture that it promotes in the students. It has an international reputation for fostering the creative yet challenging environment for students. Leading them to learn while being creative thinkers with technical skills and enhanced earning opportunities. It offers a variety of engineering degrees in masters and bachelor’s programs. The engineering department here is aligned with advance teaching methods in automotive engineering.

  1. University of Bedfordshire

The automotive engineering program that is offered at the University of Bedfordshire is a bachelor’s degree with honours. It initially starts with the basic theoretical subjects to provide a formation stage to the students, which later on provides specialization in automotive engineering. Automotive engineering provides technical and practical to the students during their study at the University of Bedfordshire. The students work in a practical setup with local automotive engineers and vehicle manufacturing companies.

  1. University of South Wales

The University of South Wales offers similar courses to mechanical and electrical engineering students in the first module. It covers important topics in automotive engineering like power dynamics and controls. Which are highly important in the design and development process of an automotive structure. University of south wales is one of the many universities in the United Kingdom that offers a degree in automotive engineering to make you an expert engineer and earn high earnings.

  1. The University of West of England

The changes in the automotive industry from the previous decades have been amply observable and evident to everyone. The new needs of consumers, markets and environment demand greatly efficient and fuel-saving vehicles to protect the environment. Therefore, research in the automotive industry is at peak and auto manufacturers are finding new methods for better functioning of the vehicles. The programs based on the University of West of England also promotes research-based learning in automotive engineering.

  1. Queen’s University Belfast

Queens University is known for its good reputation in engineering qualification on an international level. It has a variety of engineering programs that it offers to the student like, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing. An immensely advanced and technical structure of the engineering department serves a strong base for the student to excel in their careers by learning the theoretical and practical aspects.

These are all the universities in the United Kingdom that offers a variety of automotive engineering degrees to the interested candidates. The students graduated from these institutes are placed in renowned companies in the world.