10 Skills You May Not Have Learnt but Should Be Taught to Your Child

Admit it – all of us have our regrets of things we have learned during our childhood. Well, you have a way to regret a little less. How? Teach your children the things what you didn’t learn so that they know what you didn’t know!

With the advancement of technology and innumerable possibility, we have more chances to give our children compared what our parents could give us. Let us all utilize our resources at the best so that our children have a better life.

  • Computer science

You were either not all exposed to computer science or slightly introduced to the basics. With technological high, there is a huge scope of knowing computer science better. Now, we have streams that only specialize in this niche and interested students can shape their career on it.

  • Speed reading

Not everyone would opt for this when it is about storybooks, as it simply kills the fun. However, in other cases, speed reading can help you know the gist of what you would read in details. Once you know the gist, every detail is clearer to you. This reduces doubts and delays in studying.

  • Time management

We did have more time than what our children do. This is because there are more activities and opportunities now. Time management is an incredible indulgence that helps your child prepare for the later years in his life. Learning punctuality makes you more disciplined and stable.

  • Learning how to learn

It is not just about learning what you need to, but about knowing how you must learn. Teachers and parents must give tips on learning skills so that students can understand and remember what they learned. It should not become a mug-up game that only limits learning to exam sheets.

  • Money management

Children now days are more exposed to money than how you were. You probably started giving them pocket money at an age when you didn’t understand what money is. Start teaching your children how to save, and why savings is important. Help them save for something they really want to buy and they’ll soon understand the value.

  • Survival skills

Don’t leave all survival skills to natural instincts, but do the basic homework to prevent severity. Help your child be more aware of his surroundings and how he should tackle at difficult times. Let them have a taste of danger to know what it feels and how they must survive.

For example, if you see your curious kid put his finger onto a lit up candle, let them feel the burn. This is only when you know that it can’t get serious, and definitely not when he can burn himself up. This activity will let him know what fire is and why he should keep away. Firsthand experiences are always more effective than warnings.

  • Negotiation skills

Negotiating is nothing other than knowing how to talk better. You simply communicate in such a way that you influence another person to follow you. This skill will help them become more decisive and teach them management. If they get onto negotiating with you, test the extent they can go up to and then decide if you should give in.

  • Basic self-defense

It is essential to have basic self-defense capabilities. This can come from activities like gym, dancing, karate, or by being more physically active. When you have more strength in your body your survival instincts are just the icing on the cake. Let kids be prepared for any dangerous circumstance.

  • Mental health improvement

Apart from academics and extracurricular, parents and teachers must give importance to improve mental health. This can be promoted with meditation, exercising, practicing hobbies, listening to what they want, and more. Let your child voice their opinions and desires, to give them their due importance.

  • Socializing skills

Apart from the dos and don’ts that we keep telling our kids when they are not at home, let them also express their emotions the way they like.

Most times, you would have to rectify their behavior, but you would know how they naturally react to a certain situation. Let children learn to socialize on their own, and let your morals be put to test.

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