15 toxic habits that keep you from being happy (kill happiness)

There are toxic habits that prevent you from being happy because happiness is a concept that you can handle from your interior and from your daily actions.

Concern for happiness is not a new issue; in fact, already in antiquity, many philosophers wondered about it.

These same doubts that we have today, many thinkers raised it because, definitely, it is a relevant issue, well, who does not want to be happy in life?

A notable example of this was the proposal of Aristotle, for whom the supreme end of man is happiness. That is, all actions should be directed towards achieving their happiness.

But how to achieve this state? To begin, it is worth noting that, many times, it is the same individuals who incur a series of toxic habits that prevent them from feeling well-being.

15 toxic habits that keep you from being happy

Before starting to list the toxic habits that prevent you from being happy, it is worth noting that, according to the authors Gil and Muñoz, in their study of the different concepts and theories regarding happiness, happiness can be defined as a feeling of satisfaction with happiness. lifetime.

Although it is not easy to measure, we do know that there are certain toxic habits that prevent you from being happy, such as:

Lack of control over emotions: which causes many people to live constantly arguing with others, because they have a reactive attitude, they cannot control what they feel, but they have frequent outbursts of anger, even for small things. And from this emotion, it is very difficult to feel well-being because anger has negative effects on a psychological and physical level.
Trying to be perfect: without admitting that all human beings have defects, that perfection does not exist. These people are usually hard on themselves, and they try to be perfect all the time, which makes them live with great anxiety.
Surrounding yourself with pessimistic people: or who are always seeing life from the negative side. In the end, the people around us also affect our mood, so we must choose our environment very well.
Live thinking about tomorrow: and avoid concentrating on the present moment. Those who live worried about tomorrow, let go of every beautiful opportunity they have instantly.
Trying to control everything: which is simply impossible because we cannot always change things, or adjust them in our own way. It is best to flow with life and avoid manipulation or excessive control.
Letting yourself be carried away by negativism: this is one of the toxic habits that prevent you from being happy because those who always think negatively, cannot find solutions to things. Rather, we must work on our creativity and try to see beyond what is presented to us.
Living judging others: this habit is harmful, because, in addition to hurting the feelings of others, it prevents us from focusing on our own areas for improvement.
Thinking that it has failed: just because a plan did not work, or something did not happen as expected. In reality, life is full of many opportunities and if something does not work, you can always try something else or the same, but in a different way. In the end, failure does not exist, but learning and life are full of experiences that teach us.
Guilt: it’s another terrible habit. Some people tend to feel guilty about everything and the truth is that, in order to live in harmony, it is necessary to let go of guilt.
Trying to please others: going to the extreme to stop being who you are to become what others want. It is better to be loved for being authentic than to be taken as someone false. Well, when something is not real, it ends up being perceived. Furthermore, it is not worth the effort to risk one’s identity to become complacent.
Incurring comparisons: each person is unique; Living by comparing yourself to others only generates emotional wear. Comparisons are always unnecessary because, from our place in the world, we all have something to offer and continue to be special.
Living with prejudices: makes people live in a narrow world, in which they do not see beyond their beliefs. Living, accepting, and understanding diversity, is the best way to be at peace with yourself.
Believe that there are impossible things: although a dose of realism is necessary, excess negativity can lead to someone feeling depressed. Severe stress can cause Marie Antoinette syndrome as well. It is better to evaluate reality based on probabilities and bet more on what is most feasible, rather than just believing that “everything is impossible.”
Feeling hatred towards other people: well, this feeling eats away and fills the person with frustrations, anger, and resentments. Feeling hatred will never lead to happiness.
See problems: in each thing, or see only obstacles. This is also typical of negative people, who have toxic habits that prevent them from being happy. Well, it is preferable to see situations as challenges that allow us to improve aspects of ourselves, but never as problems.
These toxic habits that prevent you from being happy, you must banish it from your life to start experiencing each learning in the best way and, above all, feel good about yourself.

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