25 Most Useful Widgets For The Website

Are you looking for ways to make your website more dynamic and user-friendly?  Then you are at the right place.

WordPress Widgets lets you include amazing content, stellar features, and other necessary elements to a WordPress website, be it on the sidebar or other areas where widgets can be placed.

As a WordPress website owner, you must be aware of the in-built widgets that come with a WordPress website. Along with that there are various WordPress plugins and themes that too can add multiple WordPress widgets on a website.

In this blog, we have shared some of the most modern and useful WordPress widgets that your peers must be using right now. To keep up with the competition, use these widgets to enhance website-user interaction and get a stronger foothold in the digital world.

1. WP Call Button

With an increase in mobile internet traffic, users find it easier to communicate over a call with the business they are interested in. WP call button ensures that a user finds a click to call now button on your website as soon as he lands on the website. 

It can be used as a sticky call icon that can scrolls with the user as he explores the website or could be used as a call widget in the sidebar.

2. WPForm

When it comes to creating business enquiry forms, WPForm is the best WordPress widget in the market. It lets a business create a custom contact form as well as interact with its audience with ready-to-use contact form themes.  This allows your users to submit enquiries and reach out to you without much hassle.

3. Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox Widget is a social media feed widget that is no less than a boon for websites especially ecommerce. It is a social media aggregator that lets one create a social media feed and also embed it on the website.

The social media feed is created by joining various social media networks. This feed when embedded helps you display user-generated content on the website. 

Taggbox Widget also has the content moderation feature so that filters out irrelevant content. Not only this, but the visual appeal of the website can also be enhanced using Taggbox social media feed widget that displays a myriad array of images and videos. 

It also facilitates call to action by supporting CTA buttons that draw instant clicks from visitors. By using Taggbox social media widget, one can increase the audience engagement on the website and drive conversions.  

4. RafflePress

RafflePress is an excellent WordPress giveaway/contest plugin. It lets you create exciting giveaways and contests on the website to boost the traffic. It also helps in positive conversions and subscriptions on the website. 

The giveaway can be added to a social media post, page, or sidebar widget. 

It also comes as a free version known as RafflePress Lite.

5. Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails

Every WordPress comes with a recent posts widget by default that helps in displaying recent posts on the website as thumbnails. It makes the featured image or the first image in the blog as a thumbnail image. The height and width of the thumbnail can also be adjusted with the help of this widget.

6. Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is a really effective widget when it comes to adding social icons to website sidebars. One can select which social media networks are to be linked to the website and voila.  

7. Google Maps Widget

By using Google Maps Widget one can easily add a map to the website’s sidebar. When a visitor clicks on the map, a larger map pops up. It is an excellent tool for businesses that want to show their address and location on the website.

8. Social Count Plus

Social count plus widget lets you flaunt your social media presence on the website. Using this you can display social media followers count in the website’s sidebar. This builds trust and credibility among website audiences.

9. Compact Archives

Compact Archives combines monthly archives into years thereby making it easier to manage the blog lists. It also has a Gutenberg block that can be included in the posts and pages. By using the compact archives, one can save up space on the website. 

10. OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps in lead generation for the business. It lets one keep a track of website visitors’ behaviour thereby easily increasing conversion and subscriptions. It also increases the business’s email lists by including sign up forms in sidebar widgets. 

11. AdSanity

AdSanity is the most popular ad management plugin for WordPress. It lets you display ads easily anywhere on the website. It comes with a widget that automatically shows ads in the blog’s sidebar. With AdSanity, one can generate extra revenue on the website.

12. Testimonials Rotator

A sure shot way to increase a website’s by displaying customer testimonials to your website. Testimonials Rotator is one of the best widgets for the same. It lets you showcase testimonials in a sidebar that takes less space on the website. 

13. Feature a Page Widget

This basic plugin lets you add a selective page as a featured page in  WordPress sidebar. One can opt for displaying a page title, featured image, and blog excerpt with help of this widget.

14. Easy Table of Contents

As the name suggests Easy Table of Contents plugin simply let you add a content table to your blogs.  It is a must-have especially when you write long-blogs as this makes the blog navigation easier for users and he/she could directly read the part he/she is interested in. 

The plugin automatically places a table of contents to lengthy articles or let you add it manually. 

15. Widget Context

Widget Context plugin lets you display or hide widgets based on page context. For example, one can hide the widget if a visitor is scrolling a specific page on the website. 

This proves a success when one doesn’t want to show a widget on selected pages or only want to display it on specific pages. 

16. Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress

The sidebar widgets on the website generally disappears at the time of scrolling. Well not when you use Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress. It allows you to make any widget a fixed widget that continuously stays on the website even when viewers scroll down.

This proves a lot helpful when someone wants to promote a special offer, popular content, or a newsletter sign up form over the website.

17. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts is one of the most effective posts plugins for WordPress websites. It helps you to highlight your most popular posts in WordPress. The plugin lets you use the shortcode to display your best posts anywhere on the website. 

18. WP-PostRatings

WP-PostRatings plugin helps in adding a post rating system to your WordPress website. Website visitors can rate articles which lets you know the quality of your content and helps with improvisations. It also lets you display your top-rated article in the sidebar. 

19. Theme My Login

Theme My Login is a robust WordPress plugin that lets you create a custom sign up page for your website users. It is highly effective in facilitating visitor registration on a website or managing a multi-author WordPress blog.

20. Advanced AJAX Product Filters

Advanced AJAX Product Filters lets you to showcase multiple product filters for a WooCommerce store. It helps your users to choose the best for them by filtering products by price range, ratings, or features.

21. Google Language Translator

For your users’ convenience, Google Language Translator plugin lets you add a language switcher to a WordPress site. It fetches the translated content on the website with help of Google Translate. 

22. Widget Importer & Exporter

If you are using multiple WordPress Websites with the same theme and plugins, then Widget Importer & Exporter can import all the widgets from previous websites to the new one as it is. It downloads all the existing widgets as JSON files which can be imported on the other WordPress Website.

23. The Events Calendar

When it comes to managing the event listings on a WordPress website, the Events Calendar widget is probably the current best in the market. 

One can add upcoming events with full description, showcase an events calendar in a WordPress post or or pop up upcoming events in a sidebar widget.

24. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Not yet another WordPress Widget, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) lets you to show related content for every article/blog on your website.

It works on an advanced algorithm that matches the content and let you display related content in the sidebar.

25. Posts in Sidebar

Posts in Sidebar is a really plain but highly effective plugin. It lets you display selected posts in a sidebar widget.

One can choose which posts are to be showcased, put them on view with title, summary, and a thumbnail. It can also be used with the Widget Context plugin to display various posts on different pages of your website.

Here are the few best WordPress widgets that are going to take your website experience to the next level. Use them to increase audience engagement and traffic on your website. 

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