4 Reasons to Install Window Blinds in Singapore Households

Blinds are a popular window dressing option in Singapore. They’re seen not only in offices but also in households, which is not a surprise because such window coverings serve many purposes.

So if you’re a fan of curtains because of the misconception that window blinds look better in business spaces, take time to read this blog. We have listed a few good reasons why blinds deserve a spot in your beautiful and humble abode.

How This Window Covering Helps Homeowners

Unmatched Privacy/Security

Privacy and security are essential in any home. For sure, you wouldn’t want passers-by and onlookers sneak in your living space.

While curtains can make you feel secure inside your own place, they can’t guarantee optimal privacy at all times unless blackout styles are chosen. But if you still hang blackout curtains, you can’t still maximise their use, especially if you have kids.

Kids find curtains a perfect hiding spot. And because you don’t want them to get hurt when they pull the fabric, you thought of tying them on the side. However, doing so can put your family’s privacy at stake.

With blinds, you can achieve unmatched privacy and safety. Your kids neither can hide from them nor play with them. The pull lift cords wouldn’t be a problem because there are many cord alternatives (i.e. cord tensioners) that will help keep blind cords out of reach.

Control Amount of Light

Window blinds and curtains can both control the amount of light entering a room. But when asked which does better light control, we always go for the former.

Blinds allow for customisable light control. Simply adjust the slats to keep your space cool and reduce unwanted glare. Not only that, there’s an option to cover the window wholly or partially.

Curtains, on the other hand, can filter light depending on the material. Sheer fabrics let the most light inside while blackout curtains block the most light outside.

The only thing that binds the two is their motorisation solutions. You can control both window shades via your smartphone or a single remote control. That’s if you own Smart shades or curtains and have them linked to a motorisation app.

Enhance Home’s Beauty

Most people misconstrue blinds as an exclusive office interior. The truth is, such window dressing can likewise be used to beautify a home.

Blinds can add a touch of class and sophistication to your home. They can give your abode a modern, rustic, vintage or whatever look you want to achieve, thanks to its wide assortment of colours and materials.

With a variety of blind styles available, you’re sure to find the aesthetic design that suits your taste and works with your home’s interior pieces. Among the styles you can choose from are Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, roller blinds, and so on.

This vast array of designs makes blinds a versatile window covering. Blinds can blend well in any part of your living space considering that you can find them as well in different patterns and colors.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Like curtains, window blinds may help in boosting energy efficiency at your home. They trap air against the windows to provide better home insulation.

When blinds are slightly closed, their slats don’t only filter the light but also reflect heat away from entering your home. This can lower down your utility bills, especially during the warm summer months.

And when the blinds are fully or tightly closed, they create a better insulation barrier for keeping the heat from sunlight at bay. The barrier keeps your rooms cooler, thus, allowing you to save a lot of energy.

To ensure you enjoy this benefit, pick an energy-efficient window dressing. You can choose from Roman blinds to blackout cellular shades, honeycomb blinds, solar shades, plantation shutters, and more.

Are Blinds Better Than Curtains?

While both window furnishings serve a purpose, blinds are one step ahead than the other. Here are a few of the reasons why blinds are better than curtains:

  • They can filter light even in small, limited spaces.
  • They provide complete control without taking up a lot of space.
  • They’re versatile—available in wide color and material options.
  • They’re easier to maintain and clean—no need to remove from the wall to clean them.
  • They’re available in motorized options, which makes the adjustment of light more convenient.

Give Window Blinds a Try

Since New Year is approaching, it’s time to try something new. Keep your old curtains in the closet and install blinds in your windows. This makes a great idea, especially if you have been dreaming of redecorating your home all year long.

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