4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing Software

Email marketing isn’t dead. It’s an evolving strategy used to spread a message and connect with audiences in instant.

In a recent Statista study, it’s reported that global e-mail users have amounted to 3.9 billion and are expected to hit 4.48 billion in 2024. This research finding shows that reaching out to a potential or current customer via email still works for you and your business.

Think of it this way. The number of emails sent across the globe would have not reached the 3 billion mark if people aren’t engaged at some point. Businesses of many industries have taken advantage of the medium to connect with the world, and you should too.

Although targeting customers through email can sometimes be a tough job, there’s no reason for you not to jump on the bandwagon. We’re living in a technologically advanced world, remember? There’s a software solution that can help you send and manage email campaigns easily.

Here are four ways on how an e-marketing tool is beneficial for your business:

Automated Email Solution

Email is often seen as a productivity killer. Composing such and sending it to its intended recipients can take up someone’s time.

Imagine sending hundreds of emails in one sitting. You will waste a lot of time sorting email addresses, pasting the message, sending emails manually, not to mention tweaking the message for a different customer type.

With email marketing software, you can focus on more important matters as the system automates the entire campaign process—from sorting recipients into groups to scheduling the emails and to generating feedback reports.

Also, the software is built with pre-designed and easy-to-use templates. This special feature can save your time from constructing messages for specific audiences. Alternatively, you can also create customised emails templates as you wish.

Easy Customer Engagement

While emails are great at spreading a word about your business, products or services, not everyone will ready the stuff that you sent them.

This is why you should keep your recipients’ engagement level all the time. Send them personalised emails and provide content that matches their interests. These two sound a bit cliché but most consumers would like to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands weekly.

Thankfully, an e-marketing solution has its way of establishing customer engagement. The tool can be connected to your social media pages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, etc.) for cross-channel promotions and to expand your business’ reach.

For example, you can send an outreach email to everyone in your mailing list and ask them to like your pages. In return, offer them an incentive in the form of a discount, exclusive content or any deal to retain their hard-won interests.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

It’s not enough to build up a contact list and keep everyone engaged, you must also nurture their loyalty to elicit more purchases.

Use the power of emails to your advantage. Make sure that whatever goes into your customers’ inboxes will establish meaningful connections that will lead to customer retention or increased customer satisfaction.

Through email marketing software, you can easily incorporate customer loyalty programs into your marketing strategy. Examples of such programs are redeemable rewards, birthday or anniversary perks, affiliate programs, and so on.

Include any of these campaigns in your newsletter or email message to stay in touch with your customer base. Who knows, your email can encourage a word of mouth for business as recipients may share it to their families and friends.

Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing campaign requires time and access to company financials.

But among all marketing campaigns, e-marketing initiatives are the easiest to measure and track. You don’t have to calculate the sales growth from a product line, subtract the marketing cost, and then divide the result by the marketing cost.

Simply analyse results by looking into the following metrics: open rates, click-through rates (CTR), unsubscribes, and conversions. To measure CTR, divide the number of clicks by the number of emails that have been delivered.

When the e-marketing tool is in place, it would be easier to do measure such metrics. The software comes with analytics that let you gain insights into your campaigns’ effectiveness. It allows you to measure CTRs, readers’ length of stay on your email, trending content, and demographics, to name a few.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Email is a medium used by millions of people around the world every day. That’s why just like other marketing efforts, sending emails can also help you grow and maintain client bases. So the next time you think email marketing campaigns don’t work, think again. Such an online marketing strategy can take your business to new heights but only if you take precautions in mind and invest in tools that will harness the full potential of e-marketing.

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