5 Best Coffee and Tea Catering Services in Singapore

Delicious food would make any company event memorable to guests. To make your event even more successful, why not pair delectable dishes and desserts with an equally satisfying beverage? If that sounds a good idea to you, then look into hiring coffee and tea catering services.

Coffee and tea are two of the popular drink choices around the world. Almost everyone has become addicted to these drinks in their own ways. Some drink a cup of coffee for an energy boost, while others drink a cup of tea for relaxation.

Both drinks offer a wealth of health benefits, not to mention that they also suffice as great conversation starters. The late-night talks, quick chats after work, or even a 10-minute rest break at work, can be best enjoyed over a cup of tea or coffee.

So why bring these well-loved drinks to your event? Because there are many supporters of after-meal coffee or tea. Some drink such a beverage after dinner for it helps with digestion or promoting a healthy weight.

Want to give it a try? Here are five reliable coffee and tea suppliers in Singapore that offers catering services:

  1. Kafve

Kafve Coffee provides exceptional and specialty coffee blends in both corporate and private events. Whether it’s a morning meeting, conference, or wedding event, Kafve can help you create a unique and customized experience to every client or guest.

It’s certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), an international professional body for specialty coffee. That means your event would be supported by a team of skilled with and professional baristas.

Kafve’s espresso coffee bar is the most popular option by its clients. This mobile coffee service includes

Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, and Latte.

Besides brewing coffee, the coffee company also offers specialty drinks such as chocolate, matcha, milk tea, and more. These drinks are perfect for people who don’t consume coffee or want to give the coffee a break.

  1. D’fine

If your upcoming event requires the elegance of an English garden party, then you must not forget serving delicate and great-tasting tea. The tea is a staple drink for celebrations like this, so make sure it’s included in your checklist.

D’fine is one of Singapore’s best catering company that offers sophisticated tea reception catering. Its tea catering service promises party-holders and guests an elegant event without the restrictions of a sit-down meal.

What’s also great is that D’fine can accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. You will not have to worry about pleasing vegans, Muslims, or gluten intolerant because it can make tweaks into its high tea menu.

  1. Pitti Caffé

Are you holding a corporate indoor event with mostly coffee lovers on the attendance list? If yes, you better rent a coffee machine. Coffee machine rental is a clever idea because it lets you bring café-quality coffee to the event floor.

Finding a coffee machine supplier in Singapore that offers coffee machine rental services would never be a problem. There are several trusted names in the Lion City that provide as such and Pitti Caffé Asia is one of them.

Pitti Caffé Asia has this short-term event rental packages that can churn up to 100 or 200 servings. You can choose between an instant hot beverage machine and fully automated beans to cup coffee machine.

In the former, you have three instant powder choices—coffee latte, tea latte, and choco latte. You can also pick the coffee beans of your choice if you opt for the automated coffee machine.

  1. The Shake Affinity

The Shake Affinity is one of Singapore’s best coffee and tea catering providers. Founded in 2014, the company has partnered with International highlight events such as Singapore International Film Festival, Crazy Rich Asians’ Singapore Premiere, BeerFest Asia, Michelin Gala Dinner Awards, and so on.

It’s coffee and tea live station makes a great addition to your event, especially if you want your guests all perked up. Not only that, but a professional barista will also stand into the coffee and tea bar to ensure that everyone gets coffee-shop quality cold and hot brews.

Also, The Shake Affinity offers other non-alcoholic mobile stations. Examples of such are mocktail bar, bubble tea live station, infused water catering, cold-pressed juice bar, Italian soda bar, and Thai milk tea, among others.


Big corporate events such as product launch and anniversary are best celebrated with a cup of joe. Coffee has been a productivity buddy, energizer, and stress-reliever for a long time. Employees have indulged in it—both little and extreme amount—during their stay in a company.

To remember those times, why not have a coffee live station or coffee catering in your looming event. Nineteen95 (the Espresso Bar) can help you reminisce those good old days through a great-tasting and aromatic coffee.

It also lets you have customized branding on the coffee cart and the cups. That’s a plus point if you want your brand to be recognized and gain more traction. The custom coffee bar will surely make your event interesting for visitors.

Among the drinks that Nineteen95 offers are black, espresso, flat white, latte, cappuccino, chocolate, and matcha.

Wrapping Up

Thinking about making coffee or tea a part of your event’s food and beverage list? That sounds good. Carefully select coffee and tea catering services for your event to ensure that every guest is happy and satisfied.

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