5 Causes And Ways To Deal With Cystic Acne On The Chin

Maintaining health is one way to be grateful for life. Including facial health. But what can you do if sometimes the disease comes suddenly?

We talk about acne, this small red round dirt on the face often makes you resentful. Who’s on the earth which is not resentful when the acnes suddenly appear? Moreover, if it’s cystic acne.

Cystic acne usually comes with a big size. The most annoying thing about it is: hard to lose again. Especially if the appearance of the moment is not very fitting and if it appears on apparent areas of the skin so that it causes you to be disturbed. Oh, it sucks!

Acne often appears in many places. The face, back, abdomen, hands, or other sensitive skin areas, and also on the chin. Well, research shows that the chin is an area that is often covered with acne and is one of the most difficult to overcome.

The best way to get rid of cystic acne on the chin is to find out the cause. The causes of acne on each person’s chin are different. Here is some analysis of cystic acne on your chin.

Let’s dig in.

1. Use cosmetics in the wrong way

The use of cosmetics is often the cause of the emergence of cystic acne. Instead of removing acne scars and overcoming it, you might tend to not pay attention to the cosmetics used.

Cosmetics that use chemicals and don’t match with the skin type will damage your skin pores. The best solution is choosing the type of cosmetics of the right healthcare company that is friendly to your skin. And if necessary, consult a doctor first.

2. Excess oil production

In the chin, there is such a thing as a subsea oil gland that is very easy to produce oil in large quantities. Besides, the chin is the T-zone on the face, which is an often oily area.

Apart from being easily oily, excess oil production in the chin can be caused by sweat and toxins in the body. This activity can clog the skin pores on the chin, which eventually gives rise to cystic acne.

How to deal with oily skin that causes acne stones is to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water to eliminate toxins in the body, and diligently clean your face no matter how busy your activities are.

3. Bad Habits: Suppress Acne

This stubborn habit that does not cure but makes skin irritation and cystic acne on the chin even worse.

How to deal with acne should not by pressing it. Yup, even though sometimes likes to blemish themselves with the acne, but you shouldn’t suppress it.

Once your hand touches acne, it could be that it even experiences swelling and is getting worse because bacteria and dirt from the sides and dust can infect facial skin.

Maybe you are itching and curious to suppress. When that happens, wash your face immediately or turn your attention to something else. It is better for maintaining the health of your facial skin.

4. Stress

Stress has a strong correlation with skin diseases such as blackheads, acne, and cystic acne, especially on the chin. Because of stress, hormones become unbalanced, which in turn will cause pressure on the face.

Proper stress management is one of the self-health care that you have to do. How to get rid of acne due to stress is nothing but to relax your mind. Relax and throw away your negative thoughts.

5. Genetic factors

Acne on the chin is not only caused by environmental factors, but there are also genetic factors. Overcoming oily and acne-prone skin due to genetic factors that are the easiest and most straightforward.

The best advice to handle it is you need to take preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of cystic acne on the chin. Avoid the activities that cause acne, as mentioned earlier, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Now by getting to know the same causes of acne on the chin, you can practice the solution immediately, right?

Don’t get stressed about cystic acne. It will not even finish the acne you got. Hopefully, this way to deal with cystic acne on the chin is useful and makes it disappear quickly. Stay healthy!

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