5 Hacks to follow to create the ultimate video animation

Animation has been massively impactful for us, not only has it ignited an unfamiliar flame within our marketing industry but given an edge to businesses in boosting their potential to the farthest lengths. However, that does not mean that animation is easy to handle, it has its own criteria and set of regulations that might appear to be silent but are impactful when put into the bigger picture. Apart from that, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of animation in order to implement it adeptly into work.

Sustainability can only be achieved once the skill has been completely mastered. The artist does not require to be perfect in animation but have an incentive and targets that they wish to achieve through their journey as an animator. In addition to that, we have gathered 5 hacks that can guide you to create the best pieces of animated videos, ones that stand out and have an effect on their viewers.

5 Hacks to consider for creating animated videos

  1. Adding exaggeration within animated video:

You might have noticed how exaggerated video animation manages to grasp more attention at a faster rate. For example when an audience witnesses a human fly in the animated video, they are immediately fascinated by the idea of a human being flying and that influences them to pay more interest into the video.

Based on the style of animation you can potentially exaggerate any element present within the video, you can simply opt to duplicate the reality and alter it to meet your wishes and requirements. Adding life to inanimate objects and mere concepts is a piece of cake for animations. That gives you no reason to confine yourself to a certain style or idea only, it is best to explore with open hands.

  1. Befriending curve editor for animations:

Whilst working on a 3D application, most animators experience issues with handling the curve editor. However, it is important to understand that curve editior is one of the fundamental tools required to create impeccable animations, not only does it declutter animations but helps them float smoothly after blocking phases.

It is all due to the help of curve editor that people are able to decide their animations motions and movements, whether it’s to smoothen or tighten key frames, you can simply gain more control over your animation.

  1. Keeping the animation simple:

This has got to be one of the most important factors that all artists are required to keep in mind whilst working on their pieces. Our cognitive abilities often make it harder for us to focus on a single aspect at a time, therefore getting tangled into different areas is very much a possibility. Keeping that factor into consideration, whenever you craft your animated video make sure to keep it as simple as possible in order to deliver your messages across through straight forward narratives.

Whilst you work on your animated video you must not stick to a single idea as that might restraint your creativity but rather consider all the other possibilities that you have and evaluate the situation from a neutral perspective. Ensure to touch the basics of animations and keep your video content simple, one that stimulates emotions without distracting the viewer and one that conveys information across to the viewer behind the screen without causing them to face difficulties in clearing out double meaning understandings.

  1. Third party render plugins:

Imagine having a good looking animated video, however since it has not been rendered properly it appears to have this sense of being dragged along to get to an end. Therefore, to maintain the quality of an animated video it’s important to make use of substantial rendering software’s that are adept in their work.

You might have to learn to use those plugins but there is a great variety of options present to choose from that can deliver exceptional work in little to waste or invest.


By following these 4 hacks you can obtain the ultimate animated video, one that has a significant positioning within the industry. Not only will you have an edge but your work will be respected and appreciated by many, do not try to jump into the developmental processes without understanding the context of your work but rather connect with it before you decide and plan out your approach. Another thing to keep in mind is the tools you use, they should be of premium quality in order to obtain an exceptional outcome. It does not end there, your video content is going to revolve around your audiences therefore one cannot emphasize on this enough to analyze your viewers before implementing features and elements within your animated video.

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