5 Major Benefits of Using A Transponder Key

If you own a car, then its security would be of prime concern to you. To ensure its safety, you need to take adequate security measures. Using a transponder key is a wise way to enhance the security of your vehicle. Unlike conventional keys, a transponder key transmits a radio signal to a remote receiver. You can unlock, start or lock your car by using the receiver close to the steering wheel by acknowledging the presence of this key. Here are some major benefits of using a transponder key-

A High Level of Security Is Ensured

A transponder key is required to start a car. So, even if a thief manages to get into your car, he wouldn’t be able to get it running. If the thief decides to tow your car instead of driving it, the engine will have to be reprogrammed for it to be driven, a major inconvenience for any burglar. A transponder key of high-quality normally has a microchip in its interior section. The microchip has a serial number which is specific only for that key. Usually, the serial number is validated once the electronic engine control sends a request to the vehicle to recognize the number. In case the car fails to recognize the number, it won’t start. Therefore, whenever you required a transponder key, you need to start looking for locksmith in Cleveland who can create one with perfection.

A User-Friendly Device

A transponder key is very easy to use. These keys have a user-friendly interface. So, you just have to push a button for opening your door or for starting a vehicle. You can keep a basic transponder key if you haven’t used such a key in the past. The latest models of transponder keys come with electronic lock devices which are easy to use and will ensure that you unknowingly don’t lock your keys within your car. You can upgrade a transponder key. Having a car with keypad will ensure that you never lock your keys inside the car in the future.

Better Functionality

Apart from ensuring a high level of security, transponder keys have other benefits also. If required, you can get a spare key designed by a professional locksmith. Each transponder key is specifically created for use in a particular car. So, no car can start on its own without the use of a transponder key. These keys have played a major role in minimizing car thefts across different parts of the world in the last few years.

If you are not unaware, transponder keys can also perform specific functions within a short distance. By clicking a button, you can lock or unlock doors of a vehicle. Apart from the coded security system, there is also an alarm system. So, cars will sound an alarm whenever someone tries to make an unauthorized entry.

On Board Programming

The assistance of a locksmith is required for creating duplicate keys as transponder keys need to be programmed for a specific car. You can also create a duplicate of your car’s existing key. Some cars don’t require any special equipment for programming keys to fit them. The locksmith will introduce new security codes to the car’s computer to enable on board programming when required.

On board programming can work in case instructions are available in your manual or if the locksmith offers you two existing, pre-programmed keys which haven’t been duplicated. It is wise to contact an auto locksmith to know the exact type of key you need. Zero bitted keys don’t have preset inscription and are meant for cloning. Encrypted keys on the other hand are preset and are encryption programmed to a car.

Peace of Mind Is Ensured

Using this security feature, you as a vehicle owner will be assured that your car is safe. Any car owner parking his vehicle at an undesirable place feels concerned about the security of his vehicle. However, the presence of a transponder key ensures that no one else can get your car started.

To get a transponder key designed exactly according to your requirement, you need to contact an experienced auto locksmith. Based on your specifications, he will design a transponder key which will ensure the safety of your car for years to come.


Key programming is a vital aspect which you must know about as a vehicle owner. Most cars have transponder keys these days. So, you need to understand the uses of these keys well. One drawback of having a transponder key is that if you lose it, programming will be necessary. If the issue isn’t solved, your car will remain immobilized. Taking the help of an expert auto locksmith will ensure that the problem is resolved.

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