5 Most Influential Smart Home Gadgets And Automation Systems

Smart home gadgets are devices that can be easily connected to the Internet of Things or IoT. These devices can be accessed remotely from your smartphones or laptops etc. through an application or a website. Thus, these devices add comfortability and ease to your everyday living style. Now technology has prevailed so much that these smart devices have replaced every single home device from your doorbell to your picture frame, from your thermostat to your TV and even your lights and security cameras. These smart home devices have not only eased your tasks but also they are cost-effective and reliable in many ways.

So it’s always a good option to replace your old and typical home appliances with these smart home devices. Although the list of smart home gadgets is quite long here we have explained the top 5 most influential gadgets that you really need to have in your home as soon as possible. Here is a brief introduction.

  • Smart thermostats

It is completely unfair to talk about smart home devices without mentioning a smart thermostat. You might have a mercury thermostat currently installed in your home that is needed to operate manually. You have to turn it on by yourself every time you get in your home. These thermostats are now replaced by smart thermostats that are way more efficient and provide some additional features like generating and sending reports of usage history, showing weather forecast of the areas specified by you, learning day-to-day human behavior and adjust the temperature accordingly, etc.

White Rodgers offer smart White Rodgers thermostats that feature some of these amazing qualities. The smart White Rodgers thermostats provide a digital LED display with a user-friendly interface. This means that you can easily operate it due to its simple and clear instructions. Once you have installed it successfully, you can then schedule temperature for a day or for a whole week. You can set different zones and set a different temperature for each zone according to your desire and preferences. And the best part is that you can remotely access and operate it using your smartphone application that comes free with your thermostat. It will save you money due to its automatic adjustment.

  • Brilliant Control

An automation system is a complete system that can pair up with your smart home devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and then you can easily operate any device using just a single voice command. Brilliant control is one of these automation systems that can work with a number of smart home platforms like Nest, Philips Hue, Ring, Ecobee and Sonos. Also, it contains Amazon Alexa to provide voice support. You have to install it on your wall so you have to take care of its wiring system. It features a small touch screen with user-friendly buttons and easy to understand interface. Now you can control your home lighting, speakers, thermostat’s temperature and much more with just one system that comes at affordable price.

  • Nest Protect

The next thing you need in your home is a smart alarm. The Nest Protect smart alarm will alert you if it detects smoke and carbon monoxide. And rather than making a loud noise, this alarm will alert you by sending notifications in your smartphone so that you will get notified even when you are away from home. If you are home the device will speak and tell you about any danger.  The device is able to differentiate between steam and smoke. The Nest Protect comes in two versions. One is wired and other is battery powered. The battery-powered device will notify you if the battery is getting low.

  • Nokia Body Cardio bathroom scales

Next device is to ensure your health. The Nokia Body Cardio will tell you your body weight, fat content, body water content, your heart rate, etc. The scale will save and send all these measurements to your smartphone application. You can also check it online. This will enable you to compare your before and after weight and so you can track your health conditions effortlessly.

  • Netatmo Welcome

Lastly, there must be a smart security camera in your home. With the Netatmo Welcome, you can record videos of faces that are not familiar and save them on dropbox without any subscription charges. You will get alerts if the device detects any intruders on your smartphone. You can place it anywhere or simply mount in on the outside wall. The device will also notify you if it hears any alarm and record a video and send it to you immediately. It respects your privacy too as you can disable or enable its video recording and notifications when required.

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