5 Most Popular Web Series on Zee5

Binge-watching and web series have been synonymous with each other these days. People love watching them and have been in love with these series. Zee5 is also one such online platform that has taken over the people with awe. They have gained a lot of popularity and have made sure that they provide every bit of masala which Indian audience looks for. 

Zee5 produces the best content and has attracted a lot of engagement. If you have not yet decided which web series to watch on Zee5 while you surf on it, then tadaaa we are here with a list for you. The top web series on Zee5 which you will love is given below.


This Zee5 web series is taken from the very famous Dandi March which was led by our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. It brings all the facts associated with it together and shows how India struggled for freedom. If you are a history lover, then this is the best web series on Zee5. It is narrated by Annu Kapoor as he reveals all the politics which are done by the British government.


This movie stars Kunal Khemmu, Deepak Tijori, Elnaaz Norouzi, and Sandeepa Dhar. It is also based on the true events which took place in 2006 in the northern part of India. The incident is of the not-so-famous cannibalism that took place in Noida. The role of protagonist Abhay is played by Kunal Khemmu who keeps trying to balance both the personal and professional life while solving the case. The suspense in it adds it to the Zee5 web series list.

Zero Kms

It is a conflict and thrill based drama that has been the Zee5 best web series. The story revolves around the guy named Arjun who is fighting for his brother’s murder and comes across a human trafficking racket. You can watch how the hero saves himself after getting caught the criminal situations even after being innocent.

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Sone Bhi Do Yaaron

The star cast of the movie includes Bharat Thakkar, Druma Mehta, Pranav Ojha, Chandrika Rajan, and Naveen Kasturia. It is based on a very relatable matter which is sleep. The plot of the movie is how insomniac Naveen who is stressed because of work and an interview the next day. When he goes back to his room, he sees that his uncle is already at his house and is sleeping. This series tells how to trick our minds in different situations and escapes. 

Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

This Zee5 top web series created a buzz in the entertainment world. It is a story of the Bollywood celeb Sunny Leone who has acted in the series herself. She tells in this movie about how her journey began from Karenjit Kaur to Sunny Leone. She was born to a Punjabi family, in Canada and how her family struggled there to survive. It also shows how from a college girl, she went into the porn industry and then became a Bollywood actress. If you love watching biography, then do make sure to watch this one.

The Sholay Girl

This movie has conquered the web series with the story of India’s first stuntwoman, Reshma Pathan. It is a depiction of how a woman broke all the stereotypes and proved herself that she can do everything she wants to do. You can read more about her on various social media platforms.

The Sholay Girl is a 2019 famous Hindi-language biographical period drama film directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and produced by Shrabani Deodhar and Sai Deodhar at Zee5 web series. Written by Faizal Akhtar and Shrabani Deodhar, the film is based on India’s first stuntwoman, Reshma Pathan web series available only on Zee5.

So, these were some of the most popular web series on Zee5 which have been listed for you by whyit.in

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