5 Photoshop Alternative Design Software

Photoshop is a feature-rich, photo-editing, and retouching software by Adobe that is leading among the industry is taken as a standard design tool. Photoshop is taken as a pioneer in designing software. Therefore, many other design software and photo editing features have been designed while keeping Photoshop in mind as a standard. Adobe Photoshop is a popular design software, and it has been dominating the digital design industry, apparently unbeatable. However, with time, products like Affinity, Sketch, Procreate, and others have come in front to compete with it. Some of these design software has a lot of interesting features that make it easier for designers to shift comfortably from Photoshop to other modern yet creative design tools with intuitive design, improved interfaces, tools, and features.


Sketch is a digital design tool kit and an ideal platform for beginners and professional designers who use macOS. This design tool enables users to create, prototype, collaborate and turn their ideas into incredible results.

Sketch appears as an Adobe Photoshop alternative, particularly for mobile and Web, UI, and UX designers. This design tool is simpler and easier to learn as compared to Photoshop. This makes users easily transit from Photoshop to sketch. It is not only easy, but it also offers some amazing features like powerful vector editing, layouts, easy grid, plugins, and prototyping tools. These features gather to persuade designers to switch to Sketch as a better alternative to Photoshop.


Procreate is a designers’ favorite drawing, digital illustration, and photo-editing software application. It is basically a raster-based graphics editor designed exclusively for editing and digital painting.

Procreate is available in mobile app and desktop versions for Apple products including, iPhone, MacBook, and Ipad. This offers many tools and design opportunities that make designers love this software. Procreate offers powerful moves with multi-touch gestures. Its popular features include a complete range of brushes, inks, pencil, brush studio, charcoals, textures, color control, and harmony, color champion, color history, quick-shape, color drop, streamline, fonts, curves, Gaussian, Motion, and Perspective blur, etc. This app has the potential to harness all the artistic abilities of a digital artist. In short, the possibilities are endless with Procreate.


GIMP is yet another easy and free alternative to Photoshop. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This designing tool is an open-source raster graphics editor. GIMP Is significantly used for retouching, editing, image manipulation, converting different image formats, free-form drawing, and other design-related tasks. This tool is available free of cost. However, Gimp is not a complete solution as Photoshop is. It has limited tools and features, but it can help beginners new learners make the best use of a design tool to turn their imaginations into designs. It is a cross-platform image editor available for Linux, Windows, and OS.


Canva is an increasingly popular web-based designing and editing software. What makes Canva popular among users is its convenience and intuitiveness. The design is simple, and the application is highly useful for beginners to pro all. This software gives a designer a lot of opportunities. They can use a good collection of images, illustrations, and stickers. Users can also find designing stuff from a variety of customizable cards, CVs, flyers, and much more.

Canva users can also change layouts, fonts, size, colors, and other design features in already available designs. Users can simply find all those basic features that a designer might need to design basic design, including social media posts, infographics, and cover images. It is multipurpose design software that is available for free. Users are required to sign up and make an account on Canva, which later helps them to save their designs and enable them to edit whenever needed.

Moreover, if you love using Canva and your need grows with time, you can switch to a premium version and enjoy added features and benefits. Canva offers both web and mobile versions, but the web experience is better than the app.


Picmonkey is quite similar to Canva, as it is also a web-based design tool that is free for users. It is a multitasking photo editing and designing tool that enables users to make collages, photo effects, and retouching, and much more. This tool enables you to revitalize your photo editing skills in a fun way. You can create beautiful images and digital artworks.

 Also, PicMonkey is very popular and users favorite because it let them design stunning designs, logos, social media posts, Facebook covers, Instagram posts, and Ads. 


Most of the designers and photo editors use Adobe products, particularly photoshop, to make designs, create digital artworks, web design, and other projects. Adobe ios long time design king and thus chosen by designers since the beginning.  It undoubtedly has some unrivaled options and features that made Adobe products dominate in the digital design industry. Therefore it seems apparently impossible to beat them in the design market. This resulted in Adobe growing as one of the most preferred creative software by the designers. Nonetheless, with time, some creative developers and software development companies in Dallas have developed some remarkable products, including Affinity, Sketch, Procreate, and other design software. These products have also grown as leading design software in the market.

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