5 Reasons Why Career Counseling is a Need in India

In India, the unemployment rate is rising rapidly. Millions of Indians are unemployed. There are many companies in India which are regularly posting jobs; many seats are vacant for a long time, but even though people are not getting a job. Companies are not getting good candidates on the other side; people are not getting a good job. Do you know what reason behind this gap? The main reason is the lack of career counseling in India

Students select the course according to the wish of parents without considering their passion, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. After schooling, a very important decision about career option selection is taken in just a short time without giving much importance to it. Here, we have mentioned a few points to make you understand why career counseling in India is an essential requirement. 

Career counseling is a need – 5 Reasons Why?

  • Education System and Industry Standards: In India, we follow the traditional education system, where the books talk about only a few career options. After completing education, when the person applies in the company for a particular job role, the company demands specific skills a candidate should have. Corporate trends are changing rapidly. In the current modern era, new advanced technologies are regularly coming into the market. The company demands updated knowledge and also some skills. Hence, career counseling is essential in India. 
  • Unfamiliarity with Latest Trends: Career counselors are aware of the latest market trends and skills required in the market. They remain updated about the trending career options. There are many career options available in India, and you are not aware of that. Similarly, there are many career options like aviation and defense in India, but you do not know how to get into. Career guidance is the best way for a good career. Career counselors suggest the right career options according to your personality traits, skills, passion, and interest. The career counselor also provides a futuristic perspective of your career. 
  • Wrong career Choice: Career decision is irreversible. It is one of the important decisions in your life. Many people choose the wrong career option for themselves, and later, they regret it. People leave jobs because after working some time they find the work uninteresting and stressful. Hence, they look for other jobs. Mainly fresher make this mistake because they choose the career option without knowing about it completely. Many career options can match the interest of the person. However, the person is not aware of those options. If a person does work related to interest, then he or she can make a great career in the same field. 
  • Lack of Skills: A person makes a resume before applying for a post. In a resume, a person mentions the skill, he or she possesses without giving major emphasis on that. However, the skills are very important. Certain skills, such as communication, creativity, and negotiation skills, are in demand in the corporate world. A person with excellent work knowledge and good experience can also lose a good job opportunity because of a lack of skills. In India, many people do not work on the skills; hence Career counseling in India is a necessity. A person can also know about the skills through an online career test. 
  • No knowledge of Aptitude Test:   Many companies take an aptitude test or psychometric test in an interview for hiring the best candidate. This test plays a crucial role in the hiring process. The test helps in the overall analysis of a candidate. Even though one has good knowledge and work experience, one might get rejected based on aptitude test results. Unfortunately, most of the persons do not understand the importance of aptitude tests. 

Now, you have understood how career counseling in India is important. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced, career counseling will help you a make a satisfying career. Now, this is the time to think about your career. After all, your career decides your future. 

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