5 SEO Strategies that Can Hurt & Bring Down Your Campaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hasn’t been around for that long, but there’s a lot to learn about it. This is true especially when you’re running and managing your website’s SEO. Since things are constantly changing, you have to be careful about a lot of things. There might be techniques that are considered ethical before that may get you penalized. Or there could be methods that are considered as a waste of time in the past, but is not an essential step towards the success of your campaign. With SEO, there are tons of things you can never be sure of.

To avoid falling into the trap of common SEO mistakes, it’s recommended to revisit and review the things you’ve been doing. To sort out some of the worst ones, below is a list of techniques that you must refrain from using or doing.

Too Much Use of Anchor Texts

Anchor texts used to be a thing in the past. For the longest time, this strategy works as it instantly improves the SEO of your website. However, as days go by, it has become a banned SEO practice. This is due to the fact that online marketers tend to abuse this technique. Rather than linking users to relevant pages or sites, they simply insert the links they want to target. As a result, the content will look at a hub of links instead of information that’ll help people find what they need. Because of this, the links will deem unnatural. If you’re still going for this, it’s time to put a stop on it. Having too optimized anchors on all your keywords may lead to algorithmic penalization.

Quantity over Quality Backlinks

Gone are the days when digital marketers believe that more links going to your site is better. Today, you’ll notice quality weighs more than quantity. Whether you’re doing SEO in HK or anywhere around the world, this practice is now considered as unethical. So, rather than investing on creating more links, focus on building links on sites with high-authority and are of quality. If you pursue on buying links rather than doing it organically, you’ll get penalized in no time.

Having Too Much Keywords

As much as you want to target as many keywords as you can, that’ll never get you anywhere. Keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO practice that can damage and hurt your campaign. Loading your website with too much keyword phrase can confuse search engines which may lead to it not appearing on search results or be given penalty. Keyword stuffing is often done on meta tags, visible content and even through anchor texts. So, if you’re used to this technique, you better rethink your strategy. Instead of putting so much to your website, try to limit two to three keywords per page. This is more than enough to notify search engines as to what your website is all about.

With all the things that are happening in SEO, things can be a little confusing if you’re new to the industry. Sometimes, you’ll be attracted to do things that can harm your campaign. Many marketers are admittedly guilty of this, for the sake of instant result, they’ll do anything at all cost. In the end, they end up regretting all of these things.

So to avoid making any major trouble to your campaign, be sure you stay away from these techniques. These are just a glimpse of them, but be sure you check them out before making any changes to your campaign. Only when it’s proven and has been approved by experts that are the only time you’re allowed to follow it.

The world of digital marketing has different twists and surprises nowadays especially when the broad core update was released last January 14, 2020. The majority of the website across the globe experienced drastic changes in rankings and traffic. No one knows how to recover once you got hit by the algorithm update but conducting a website audit, revisit of on-page strategy might help your website to go back in shape to be competitive once more in organic search.

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