Irrespective of your business type, practicing your business only on Android application isn’t a wise move. Missing out on iOS means you are missing out on an enormous user base that is mostly from Europe, North America, and Australia.

A smart way to extend your reach without investing much is by extending to PWA. Apart from global reach, PWA offers higher conversion rates which is one of the top reasons that you should convert your android application to a progressive web application.


PWA has the potential to grow your business at scale. Here are the top reasons why you should migrate to a progressive web app.

  1. PWAs are Device-Agnostic

Progressive web applications work seamlessly with various systems without any special adaptations. They are hosted online thus work across multiple devices without a glitch. Moreover, mobile app developers don’t need to build apps across different platforms that save both app development time and efforts.

  • Fast Installation

Unlike other applications, progressive web applications do not require a long installation process that significantly improves user experience. Users just need to download the app directly to their devices thus, avoids spending time on Google Play Store or Apple Store. It increases user efficiency thus, reduces user abandonment rates. Moreover, users can share the progressive web app via URL which significantly increases the number of users using the app.

  • Better Performance

PWAs store cache and serve text or images in an efficient manner that enables users to operate PWAs as websites while significantly improving speed. Along with streamlining operations, remarkable performance is another major attribute that has a great impact on conversion rates. Moreover, positive user experience leads to higher retention rates and customer loyalty towards your business.

  • Security, a #1 Priority

Relying on HTTPs, PWAs provide data safety and minimize the risk of security issues. Also, it prevents intruders to passively know about the communications between your PWA and users. Progressive web app development does not interact with hardware without users’ permission, enabling the utmost security and convenience.

  • Push Notifications

Like native applications, PWAs offer device-specific functionalities like push notifications. Leveraging this capability, many organizations make the best use of content advertising. According to Statista, almost 60% of users allow notifications that open your doors to promote products and services. Moreover, push notifications are displayed on screens of mobile devices thus, increases the probability to attract more customers in a shorter period.

  • SEO-Friendly

Not just low storage space and development cost, following the PWA approach you can easily boost the accessibility and searchability of your app. It makes PWA powerful as they are indexed quickly by search engines, enabling them to appear in search results.

Till the time PWAs offer offline capabilities and increase app functionality, the list of reasons to consider them will grow over time.


Android is an open-source mobile operating system that has a large consumer base around the globe. The demand for android app development grew through its remarkable offerings and new Android devices.

  • Low investment & High ROI
  • Easy to Integrate and Adopt
  • Hassle-free monetization
  • Customizable user interface
  • Multi-network distribution
  • Compatible to hardware

The cost of developing an android app ranges from $25,275.00 to $727,500. You can hire an android app developer from India who charges around $15-$25 on an hourly basis. The charges may differ per country.

Progressive web apps are a combination of the best features of websites and native apps. A PWA takes up to three times less space than the iOS or Android mobile application. Let’s look at the core properties of PWAs that make them strong competitors to native app development:

  • Responsive
  • Independent to network connectivity
  • Rapid Installation
  • Safe and Easy Discoverability
  • App-Like Experience
  • User-Friendly   

The cost of progressive web app development lies between $6,000 to $20,000 which is half the price of native app development. Unlike other applications, the average time to develop a progressive web app is around 2 months thus, you can launch your app faster in the market.


Planning to convert your app into PWA? It is a smart move and cost-effective formula to achieve success in business. Besides great benefits, a PWA costs you a lot less than native app development. It is not possible to calculate the actual figures for converting your Android app to PWA; however, you can find the reliable estimates with the help of the app cost calculator offered by the top 10 PWA development companies. The cost of developing a PWA depends on various factors like features required, location of the outsourcing company, UI/UX design, and function complexity.

All you need to hire a dedicated mobile app development agency that can guide you throughout the PWA development process.

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