6 Areas In An Office That Need Cleaning By A CorporateJanitorial Service Company

Cleanliness has a significant impact on a corporate environment. The best way to keep your workspace always sparkling is to enlist the services of a reputable corporate janitorial service company. This ensures having a dedicated crew to accomplish your cleaning requirements according to your checklist. The company will assign a project manager to ensure the work completed exceeds your expectations. Read on to discover the areas in your corporate environment the janitorial service company will clean for you.

Lobby and reception area

A clean lobby and reception area make a stellar impression on visitors and clients. Professional janitors will clean smudges and fingerprints from the entryway glass. Additionally, office furniture in the lobby and reception area is used regularly and needs a damp wipe on all open surfaces. The cleaners will vacuum all carpets and arrange the magazines in your waiting area neatly. The floors need sweeping and mopping to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris. Equally important is to empty all trash bins, replace liners, and clean all receptacles inside and out.

The restrooms are among the most used places in the corporate environment. Your team of professional janitors will clean and disinfect all mirrors, sinks, and countertops. Equally important is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the urinals and toilets. Additionally, all brightwork in your establishment is polished and cleaned. The restroom floors receive a lot of traffic making them prone to various bacteria, water spills, and dirt. This requires the janitorial team to sweep and mop the flows with disinfectant.

A reputable commercial janitorial services provider understands the importance of installing dispensing units in the washrooms. So, the janitorial team will wipe and refill essential units including:

• Hand sanitizer
• Hand soap
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper

The janitors also clean and disinfect all partition walls while the open areas are damp wiped and dusted accordingly. Additionally, the janitorial team will empty all trash bins, replace liners, and clean receptacles inside and out.

Offices and conference rooms

The open surfaces on your office and conference room furniture need dusting and wiping clean. Office carpets especially those in high traffic areas are prone to dirt and dust and need vacuuming. Additionally, the hard floors need mopping and sweeping. The janitors also wipe clean all surfaces in the offices including desks, phones, keyboards, switches, and door handles.

Break room

This room is where your staff takes a break away from their workstations. Additionally, the break room offers space for employees to take privately on the phone or meet prospects. The professional janitors will dust and damp-wipe all open surfaces on the break room furniture. Vacuuming the carpets in the break room is necessary to remove dirt and other allergens that might cause breathing problems.

The hard floors in the break room need sweeping and mopping. In case you have a kitchen with a sink, the janitors will clean and disinfect it. Microwaves in the office kitchen need cleaning inside and out. The dispensers need wiping and refilling where necessary. All vending machines, refrigerators, and coffee machines also need wiping down. This ensures that all essentials in the break room including the room itself are clean and safe for your staff.

Common areas

The office common area furniture needs dusting and damp wiping including wiping all carpets. Hard floors in the common areas receive heavy traffic regularly and need sweeping and mopping. Offering a drinking fountain in the common area offers access to some drinking water to staff and clients. Since these are touched regularly, the janitors understand the importance of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting this equipment.
Other areas in the office

The professional janitors clean all high surfaces in the office including windows, filing cabinets, bookshelves, door frames, light fixtures, and televisions. Equally important is dusting all low surfaces including tables, chairs, and desks. The cleaners also ensure to remove fingerprints from all frames, light switches, and doors. Baseboards need a wet wipe and dusting to keep them clean and healthy.

Why rely on a reputable commercial janitorial service company

Janitorial service companies are not made the same. Due diligence is necessary to ensure that you find a company with honest employees. The company should undertake background checks to ensure that employees don’t have criminal records. This is very important since janitors usually work after official office hours.

So, the janitors work while everyone in your office has gone home. A team of janitors from a reputable company offers peace of mind that your items and valuables are safe. Additionally, expect the cleaners should shut all doors according to your instructions after doing their work.

Bottom line

Janitorial services ensure that a corporate working environment is clean and safe for employees and clients. Enlisting the services of a professional janitorial team ensures that areas including the conference room, reception, washrooms, and break room are clean always with a professional touch.

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