6 Best Electric Vehicles for Faster Commute

Electric Vehicles for Faster Commute

Electric vehicles are an extraordinary and fun to commute and quite popular among children, teenagers as well as adults. Usually e-vehicles are considered for a shorter commute but you can travel on them as per your convenience and will to ride. They are a plus point for people who care for climate around them as the electric vehicles are environment friendly as well as saves you a lot of time during the time of traffic.

Electric vehicles can help you control the speed of your commutation from one place to another as you do not have to wait for public transport around you. Also, they are cost-effective and do not make you lose your pocket that much when it comes to maintenance. Everyone can choose one electric vehicle to commute nearby which is a little better for the environment and it also saves you a lot of time as well keeps you worry-free from getting stuck in traffic in comparison to non-electric vehicles.

They are cheaper to be precise and easy to maintain. With the technology advancement and innovative electronic vehicles are not just a way of faster commute but the fun ride at the same time. Though you need to be as cautious as while riding any other licensed vehicle to protect yourself as there are very high chances that you will fall a lot of time while learning most of the electronic vehicles.

Here is a list of electric vehicles to choose from for a faster and environment-friendly commute:

1. The Twike:

The most advanced and latest innovation in the field of electric vehicles for faster commute. It is pedal-friendly as well as electric vehicle oriented from the world’s very innovative and techy country – Germany. The Twike consists of four to five batteries and comes in different power and speed variants as per the customer requirement and budget. The range varies from 70 to 250 miles per hour. It is like a mini car in which two people can fit in and it comes with a hybrid feature of paddling and electronic – choose as per your mood and requirement. And this ride is already quite popular amongst the electric vehicles considering it speed, safety and cost-effectiveness.

2. Electric scooters or bikes

There are a vast range of scooter available in the market which runs on the electronic batteries and takes you places as per the decided speed, extremely safe and environment-friendly at the same time. Better than an electric bicycle as you can sit and ride more comfortably and commute even longer distances. Many companies have launched well designed and innovative electronic bikes to travel in budget and cheaper to maintain as compared to the non-electric vehicles. They are pollution and noise-free for a smooth and quick ride nearby.

  • Electronic bikes

E-Bikes are much advanced and innovative version of traditional bicycles or bikes. With the innovative battery operating system, you can paddle when you want and control it with the inbuilt features at your convenience. You can utilize them to commute everywhere and anywhere in your day to day life. With this, you can venture out to work, spunk around the town, or even appreciate a Sunday hot rodding. Traffic will not much of a problem as can cross over even from the tiniest available space safely, just do not forget to wear your helmet always. It also strengthens your muscles and in fact a full-body workout when you use paddling while controlling the speed electronically.

3. Electric Skateboard

The best thing to ride out of all is an electric skateboard as with an electric skateboard you can travel at the speed of light even on the trafficked roads. One can utilize electric skateboards instead of other transportation choices be it public or private and control the speed of your commuting and traffic will be less of a problem.

A Bluetooth handheld gadget comes with it to control a rough terrain electric skateboard. The best part about E-Skateboard is that you can ride it on hilly path and even better on the smoother once. You can use a break feature with the help of handheld tiny device to get a gentle halt whenever required and decide the flow of your commute on your own terms. Easy to carry in your backpack just need tiny space if you are carrying to office, schools, café or anywhere around.

4. Electric Hoverboard

A hoverboard is a two-wheeler Segway without any handles, it is a form of electric scooter that masters the art of balancing. And if you can balance a little bit as well the feeling of riding a hoverboard will not be any less than airborne. A hoverboard is not recommended for kids, the recommended age is 10 and above.

But it also depends on your grasping power so as far as you find a hoverboard in which you can fit in, you are good to go. Hoverboards can be utilized to drive to close by spots as well taken to the adventurous in the backpack. The rider needs to stand on the board with both the legs their feet placed near to the wheels on the hoverboard and a handheld device is there to help you out with the movements, directions as well halts.

5. Electric Kick Scooter

An electric kick scooter is an ideal method to keep your children to alluring them to go outside and have fun. Scooter is a fabulous option especially for the kids to commute to nearby spots and play and ride with the pals. Scooters are equally famous amongst teenagers and is an easy and economical way to roam around independently. But they require a little practice comparatively as you have to stand on it while holding the handle with both hands. So first practice preferably with someone who already has mastered riding it and then take it on your own.