6 Different Types of Translation to be highlighted

Some could think that translation is dead and uninterested section. Translation has a big role not only in translating the used common words; it is much more about the meaning, the culture, feelings, and emotions. The translation is the process of transforming the cultures and meaning of the contest from one language into another language. It is totally vital to achieving effective communication between different cultures and this will be by translation. 

Translation includes 6 different types; Legal translation, Medical translation, Financial translation, Literary translation, Scientific Translation, and Marketing translation.

Legal Translation is the main type and it’s highly required from the companies, Universities, legal sectors in the company. Legal documents include contracts, corporate or government proposals, court transcripts, confidentially agreements, laws, witness statements, regulations, wills and testaments, birth certificates, bank deposits, immigration documents, and notarized documents, among others. It is considered the excessively using translation as it is globally required in all countries and from all sectors.

For example, Dubai is full of many investors and multinational employee and the government announce English as a formal language. The employees are from Indian, Pakistani, American…etc. To be an office worker, you need to have your legal documents like work contracts while the court accepts the legal documents from a certified translation agency in Dubai only not from any other country or from common agencies. Moreover, you can start your start-up or project in Dubai and also you will be in need of translation offices. 

The second type is medical translation, and it is one of the highly used translation types. It pays main role in the COVID-19 as it helps to translate the instruction from English into Arabic and other words. Also, the medical documents can be medical documents and the treatment. The medication translation has been known for being uneasy and full of many difficult words.  The medical translation translate a medical report, it must be done by expert medical translators who have appropriate knowledge of medicine and medical terminology.

Financial Translation incudes translate the finical reports for the companies and other sectors. It focus on translating real Estate programs, home loans documents, financial paperwork, and Insurance regulatory documents, annual reports, auditor’s reports, retirement plans, other documents related to insurance.

The request for financial translations is increasing because of globalization. Also, it’s not limited to large conglomerates. Nowadays, it’s common for a Spanish SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to sell its products in China, South Africa or India. In this scenario, it will be necessary to draw up contracts which each party can understand correctly in their language.

The next is Marketing translation is for translating the marketing reports as the annual reports and plan and it helps in getting over the difficult required documents to help companies to achieve their objectives. Also, you can’t find any translation office or agency in Dubai to do this massive job with affordable prices; you could seek to contact translation Agency in Dubai to get a certified translation and to be near you.

The fifth is a literary translation. It is totally a different translation for some works as it requires to be translated. The change can be acceptable but not in all words as a slight change can be accepted. Also, there are some documents that require this kind of translation and it generates a new way which is called Transliteration. This kind isn’t commonly used by many people; it could be on the holy books, the books that must be as it is.

Literary translation includes translating dramatic and creative poetry and prose into other languages, and it is a hugely important task. It helps to form a reader’s understanding of the world, their past, thinking, politics, and more.

The sixth is   Scientific Translation; it must be used in the scientific researches as it is different than the medical translation. Medical translation related to medicine, drugs, medical reports while the scientific translation targets for scientific papers, scientific researches that are related to the science and its developments. It could also be good for the PHD thesis and Masters Papers for the graduated students.

It could be considered a s a subcategory of technical translation. What is also really shared among scientific translators is their capability to spot-on the small mistakes in the original text, as they will be the persons that will read the document most thoughtfully.   

To conclude, Translation is widely huge and the best translation needs to be aware of all kinds and choose the right specialization for him and get more in deep seeking to be an expert. The types of translation are medical translation, legal translation, financial translation, marketing translation, scientific translation and literary translation while we can’t confess that these are the only types, there are many unmentioned types as technical translation. 

The translation isn’t an easy job; it is a creative job to get all your needs with high quality at any time. No matter how much time could it take to reach you and provide you with all your needs to get your satisfaction. There are many translation agencies in the UAE and other countries and you could choose what you could find near to you and deliver your services.

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