6 Reasons Why Attending English Speaking Classes in Pune Helps

Learning to speak English fluently has now become a necessity for everyone- from those who wish to get corporate jobs to housewives who want to help their children and community lead better lives. In a bustling metropolitan city like Pune, located in the heart of Maharashtra, you would think Marathi and Hindi would be more prominent. It would surprise you how many of the 30 lakh people (approximately) who live in the city find themselves fluently answering questions in English. The credit goes to the quality and number of the various English speaking classes in Pune

Online vs. Offline classes

With the advent of the internet, a lot of people continue to believe that learning things online is better than going to a class in-person. While this may hold for people from remote areas with limited access to real-time classes, there are certain advantages to going to an actual class that you may miss out on if you choose an online course. 

Here are six reasons why you should consider choosing to enroll yourselves in English Speaking classes in Pune over selecting an online course.

  • It helps you network and be part of a community. 

Going to classes in-person helps you meet people with similar interests and goals. This, in turn, helps you network and learn not just from your trainers but also from your peers. Choosing live English speaking classes in Pune will help you feel like you are part of something bigger and will motivate you to grow as part of a community of other learners, similar to yourself. 

  • It helps you garner respect amongst equals in society. 

Learning to speak well in English not only makes you look respectable but also helps you cement a position in society. People who can articulate well in English are usually viewed with admiration, and going to classes helps you get there faster as you learn it along with other members of your locality. 

  • It helps you periodically assess yourself.

Learning to speak a language is a tough gig, and it takes a while to get it right. Going to English speaking classes helps you keep assessing yourself and identifying which areas need improvement. It also keeps you constantly engaged and trying to improve even when you don’t feel like it- this may not always be the case with an online course, which gives you a choice to learn when you want. 

  • It helps you communicate and expand your social circle. 

Speaking fluently in English gives you access to peer groups who weren’t within reach before. You get to talk to people from various strata of society because you’re able to bridge the language gap. English also helps you express your opinions and feelings clearly- in a way that everyone can understand. Going to a class enables you to practice this with actual people within an open environment- where you are allowed to make mistakes and immediately learn from them. 

  • Widens your horizons. 

Over 400 million people speak English all over the world- this means there is a wide range of literature, art, and content that you now get access to. Hence, when you choose to go to English speaking classes in Pune, you get access to all the content the libraries and bookstores the city has to offer- not to mention all the digital content that is out there. 

  • It helps you apply for better jobs. 

When you learn English, you learn a language that is accepted and spoken globally. In a country like India, where language gaps are inevitable, this is a significant advantage while applying for jobs. Meeting and communicating with people is an unavoidable part of any job that you take up, and speaking English fluently makes it easier and, in many cases, more enjoyable. 

Hence, when you choose to go to live English Speaking classes in Pune, you open yourself up to all the jobs, peer-groups, and opportunities the dynamic city has to offer. If you are a resident who wishes to improve their spoken English skills, you should consider enrolling in the one provided by Cedarwood.

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