7 Amazing Lip Gloss Looks from 2019 Red Carpet


The lip gloss trend is back, and many will agree that it was never really gone. Be that as it may, the 2019 red carpet trends have made it more popular than ever. Don’t fret – lip gloss shouldn’t bring mental images of tacky lips and sticky hair, but of shiny lips that make you look impeccable.  

What Is Different Today?

The newer generation of lip gloss online and physical stores provide are made of special formulas that make the product non-sticky without losing that shiny finish ladies long for. The main goal of the manufacturers is to combine two systems into one product. First, the colour cosmetics that includes pigments, waxes, oils and pearls and the lip balm that provides soothing and restoring properties to the final product. 

Lip Gloss Looks from 2019 Grammy Red Carpet to Get You Inspired 

  1. Lady Gaga

The famous singer’s makeup artist has decided to go for kind of smudged eyeliner applied on the upper and lower eyelashes, a bronze blush and it is completed with a subtle pinkish lip gloss that gives out a natural, tamed shine. This all goes perfectly well with her platinum blonde hair colour. 

  1. Jennifer Lopez

The worldly renowned “Jenny from the Block” has decided to go for dramatic eyelashes that make her eyes pop and stand out as the focal point of her makeup. It is only natural to use nude lip gloss in order to make the entire look flattering and in tone. Stunning!

  1. Anna Kendrick

The actresses’ glam team went for an all-pink ensemble for her Grammy’s look. Anna Kendrick looks perfect wearing a pink dress, pink cheeks, nails, and of course, pink lip gloss that brings the whole look together. This can also be an inspiration to go even bolder and apply a pink lipstick underneath the lip gloss for more noticeable effect (if that is your thing).

  1. Camila Cabello

Anna Kendrick was not the only one obsessed with pink that night. The “Senorita” singer and her team have also opted for a dress in the same colour and a natural-shine lip gloss that allows her eyes to stand out and make an impression for the cameras. 

  1. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa knows how to wear a sleek bob. She is doing it perfectly well both on the streets and on the red carpet as well. As for makeup, she decided to go for a simple look with a softly defined brownish-nude eye makeup and a glossy lip to help her shine even more than she already does. 

  1. Demi Lovato

The famous singer has decided to go for long, beachy waves placed in an effortless-looking side sweep and a golden dress. The tone of the dress is perfectly matched with her brown-toned face, featuring a golden blush for her cheeks, and nude eyes and lip gloss. Shiny and spectacular!

  1. Janelle Monáe

When it comes to drama, very few can do it as good as Janelle Monáe can. That head head-turning headpiece and blue eye-liner will be remembered for a long time as a winning combination. Even her dress screams drama and her lightly darkened lip gloss too. Bold and classy!

Some Extra Tips and Tricks for Perfect Finish

Finally, there are a few things you can do prior to applying lip gloss in order to achieve smooth lips. Exfoliate. The simplest way to do that is to use a damp cloth to rub your lips. Additionally, you can opt for a brush and a scrub made of brown sugar and coconut or almond oil. After your lips are all ready for the lip gloss, be mindful of how you apply it. Don’t swipe it from one to the other side. Instead, apply it in the middle of your lip and rub your lips together. If a high shine is what you are going for, then apply a full sweep on your bottom lip and press your lips together.