7 Features To Consider When Purchasing Forklift Warning Lights

Part of the safety measures while using forklifts is attaching warning lights to the body of the truck. These small LED lights glow red or blue to let pedestrians and other operators nearby realize that there is an oncoming forklift. This is very important since one in six deaths in the workplace result from forklift accidents. The warning lights make it easier for the forklift operator to maneuver blindspots knowing that others nearby have realized the presence of the coming forklift.

How forklift warning lights limit accidents

Pedestrians and other forklift operators can realize the blue or red light to tell there is a truck coming their way. This allows for avoiding accidents and injuries. Additionally, the warning lights illuminate dark spots allowing the operator to avoid accidents that might cause injuries and damage to property.

The initial investment in warning lights will be paid off in the long run. Less workplace accidents lower medical costs and save lives for the overall safety of your staff and meet OSHA guidelines. Everyone can tell an oncoming forklift with lights to allow dodging or working around it. The most significant thing about warning lights is guaranteeing the safety of everyone without spending on expensive equipment.

Considerations when purchasing forklift warning lights

Lux rating

After deciding that you want to buy forklift warning lights, online is your next stop. However, don’t go with any lights that you come across. The first consideration to buy warning lights for your forklift is the lux rating. This determines the light crispness and visibility. Light intensity is essential for forklift safety and is determined by the amount of perceivable light projecting onto the surface.

Forklift lights with less than 900 lux don’t give off intense, visible, and bright light for optimal safety in your workplace. Avoid focusing on raw lumens when selecting warning lights for forklifts. Raw lumens determine total visible light emitted by the light while ignoring losses. So, appropriate lux is necessary when looking for LED lights with enough brightness to get projected onto the warehouse floor.

Duration of warranty

Maintaining a safe workplace requires investing in warning lights. However, these should be reliable so you don’t to be in the market shortly after purchase. With quality lights, you are saved from regular checking and maintenance after a short while. The best way to tell that you are investing in quality lights is to check for the warranty.

Keep in mind that some lights might not come with a warranty. Smart buyers look for forklift warning lights with a warranty not lasting below four years. Consider lights with a lifetime warranty to get more bangs from your dollars.

Heat dissipation

Ideal warning lights worth your money should come with exceptional heat dissipation. This means that the lights will last much longer without fading. Unlike popular belief, Led lights generate some heat although less than fluorescent and halogen lights.

When enclosed in tight housing, the forklift warning lights get hot. Avoid lights with poor heat dissipation for not lasting long. Opt for lights with well-designed casings, heat exchangers, and circuit boards that lessen heat to last longer.

Voltage range

The ideal warning lights for your forklifts should come with high voltage to lessen parts management complications. Selecting the wrong voltage hinders the light to work with the power of the forklift. The right warning lights have 12-110V DC and work on any forklift or vehicle. Opting for these lights eliminates worry about voltage matching for your whole fleet.

Energy consumption

Warning lights use power to light. So, the ideal forklift lights should have a low power rating. This means that the lights will not cause significant strain on the truck’s electrical system. Keep in mind that your forklift might have multiple peripherals that need power. Coupled with power lights, this causes more strain. Invest in forklift warning lights consuming single-digit wattage compared to wasteful lights that can consume about 56.32 watts.

IP ratings

These ratings determine the sealing effectiveness level of electrical enclosures for the lights against foreign materials like moisture, dirt, and dust. Lights with very low IP ratings begin at IP54 to IP68. The ideal warning lights for your forklifts should come with a rating of about IP69K. These have exceptional resistance to pressurized moisture and wash down. Understanding IP rating is very important when using the forklifts to work in outdoor, moist, or wet conditions.


Another aspect when investing in forklift warning lights is the dimension. LED lights are usually compact but smaller options are better for attaching to your forklifts. A more compact and smaller body lessens the chances of incidental contact while using the truck. The chances of the lights knocking against surroundings and other items are limited to avoid maintenance costs.

In a nutshell

Warning lights are a must-have accessory on your forklifts. It is very important to invest in quality lights that will last long enough to ensure safety in your workplace.

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