7 Industry-Based Contact Center Services And Their Importance

7 Industry-Based Contact Center Services And Their Importance

The importance of business process outsourcing is several and cannot be described in just a few words. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, its necessity was felt more profanely. Abiding by the restrictions and lockdowns, a new normal had to be adopted on all fronts which brought us to the idea of healthcare business process outsourcing.

The healthcare industry was in the prime spot in this pandemic outburst and the huge responsibility of the masses was getting difficult for many healthcare institutions to handle. Here the clinics and medical hubs started looking out for potential service providers to handle the massive volume of the work process and help them sail through in this tough time.

The increased need of customer service handling, insurance process, claim settlement, invoice and billing was successfully assisted by healthcare business process outsourcing and they came as a much needed relief for the difficult time. With excellent workers, they offered the healthcare industry whatever was required.

Businesses and industries have been using BPO services for over two decades and have made significant progress in their respective field. Many industries have been benefitted in the past but some developed a dependency like the tours & traveling industry. The eCommerce industry started its journey based on the help of BPO services, considering its heavy activities.

Among other major industries, banking & finance, education, healthcare, telecom, and food & restaurant industries are to name a few that have been known for heavily using BPO services. This number was further multiplied during the time of the pandemic as most services had to go online and provide their services following a similar module like the eCommerce industry. The healthcare business process outsourcing during the pandemic was done on a similar note.

Banking & Finance Industry

The Banking, Finance Services & Insurance or the BFSI industry, in short, is a severely important public service that the masses require. Financial services have a huge responsibility of handling the personal wealth of individuals and provide security. Normally these services can be availed physically or virtually, but during the pandemic, online transactions were crucial, which naturally induced the importance of banking and insurance BPO.

Thus, it can be assumed that each transaction has to be recorded and formally notified of the same through different modes of communication. While the accounting and other institutional work are conducted by the BFSI employees and rest of the communicatory factors are looked after by banking, financial, or insurance BPO.

Ecommerce Industry

The eCommerce industry started its journey only recently but has made quite the name for itself within the initial 10 years of its run. It used the global market standard and global time zone to attract a vast audience that also matches their unprecedented demands.

The functioning of an eCommerce industry does not depend on the physical business instead, it has online outlets featuring a variety of items from all over the world. In a way, it can be said that an eCommerce industry communicates virtually thus, a bpo outsourcing company might be the perfect bait for luring in customers with their signature interactive skills and communication strategies.

Education Industry

Like most other industries, the education industry though contributes to a noble cause, yet it still has made some business in order to continue its operations. Education is a basic right for human beings and with the same thought is used to not just multiply business and growth of the industry but also working towards the nobler cause of taking knowledge and learning to rural areas of the world.

The recent social distancing paved the way for e-learning and online classes and the education sector saw a fine blend of technology with knowledge. To help the institutions handle the situation in an expertise way, the BPO services came into the front light and took care of all the backend jobs as well the front-desk customer handling. The infinite queries pouring in each day was successfully catered to and technology made things manageable.

Online education has started making new waves and make learning things all the more easily accessible. The importance of online education was further realized during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. 3rd world countries and even the developing ones did not have a full-proof online education system, which almost brought the education industry to a stop initially. However, with outsourcing, the transition to an online module was made easier to some extent.

Healthcare Industry

For the medical urgency of the general public, the healthcare sector has to be able to provide a non-stop service. But as the institutions grow in size and the demand for medical attention increases it requires external help from service providers to meet those demands. The process of acquiring external help is known as healthcare BPO.

A healthcare BPO is just like any other call center service hired to provide statistical and strategically support. The healthcare workers are stationed with the patients while the BPO conducts all the communication, accounting, data processing, and other tasks that do not involve medical attention.

During the pandemic, the healthcare institutions were overwhelmed with the rising number of patients. While the healthcare officials saved many lives, healthcare business process outsourcing saved the day on many occasions for the healthcare institution.

Telecom Industry

It can be argued that call center services rely on the telecom industry, yet, it is also important to keep in mind that the BPOs are the most reliable business the telecom industry possesses. Other than that, the telecom industry has similar requirements to other major industries in marketing and advertising their product and also provides smooth services.

The entire telecom industry depends on communication and its growth is seeded in acquiring more takers of their services. BPOs are curated with naturally talented individuals with interactive and communication skills. They are picked for having these skill sets.

Food & Restaurant Industry

The food and restaurant business has always been a hit and surely is one of the businesses that will never go out of trend. This fact was proven during the pandemic when people brazenly switched to online delivery options to survive through the lockdown without having to compromise either of their appetite or desires for that matter.

Small or local business ventures, in this case, may not require business process outsourcing. Yet, restaurant chains and food businesses having a tie-up with online food delivery apps could use a BPO outsourcing company service to handle all the communicatory options during takeaways. During the time of the pandemic when dining out was restricted for the public, these BPO services became the bridge in managing the overwhelming demand of customers ordering food from home.

The dining out system saw a new transition and takeaways and collection services sprung from the ground. The order taking call centers and other vital process of the BPOs helped in the stability of the food industry!

Travel & Tourism Industry

Along with food & restaurant industry, the travel & tourism industry has also seen significant success and they have often worked for hand in hand. It is true that humans will the desire to eat and travel almost naturally, and how the civilizations have developed. However, the travel & tourism industry witnessed a severe decline in its business during the pandemic due to the worldwide lockdown protocols.

Prior to the pandemic, similar to healthcare business process outsourcing or for any other type of outsourcing for that matter, the travel& tourism industry also depended heavily on call center services. Dealing from different locations, different time zone, different languages, cultures to even different currency it requires a diverse workforce. This criterion is resolved through business process outsourcing. As lockdowns get eased around the globe, the travel & tourism industry is sure to find its footing.

Call Centers are indispensible part of modern-day business conduct and having a reliable partner is nothing less than a matter to rejoice.

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