7 major SEO keys to increase your blog traffic

Having strong blogging skills is an essential part of digital marketing strategies and also a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. A well-planned blogging strategy is an integral part of building SEO. Blogging helps you build a stronger online presence and it aids your efforts of Search Engine Optimization practices. It helps you reach success goals and increase your business sales. A company may generate new leads on any platform. New online leads are generated if and only if the online visibility is increased. It might be a difficult task, but an expert SEO company recommends that measuring the SEO results or monitoring the SEO efforts is very important. It helps you to understand where you are getting new leads. It also helps you to keep track of the engagement of the visitor towards your website. Keeping an eye on the SEO report helps you to get a clear idea about your online presence and your brand reputation.

A dedicated SEO Company like us, 72 DPI Skillz, helps you to keep track of your business goals and objectives. Every business is unique and so are our digital marketing strategies The SEO strategies are also according to unique needs. Even, the SEO strategies crafted by us can be implemented to make your blogging journey a successful one, get you more visitors on your website, improve your online visibility, and increase the chances of your website to rank high.

Here we share you why Search Engine Optimization is important for your blogging and how it can give you incredible results for your business. We are sure after reading this; you are going to start your blogging journey right away!

  1. Generated traffic source

Your online presence has led you with increasing organic traffic. You need to get an account of from where did you get the traffic. There are many channels through which you are marketing your business. The source or the appropriate channel is needed to be recognized to measure your marketing efforts. It will help you to make further marketing investments that include time and money according to it. And, when it comes to blogging, when you present your content that gives relevant information, recent market trends, or addressing the current scenario, your readers tend to connect with you and visit your website more often to read your blog. Hence, blogging leads to Generated Traffic Source which helps in the process of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Leads converted into potential clients (leads conversion)

Getting organic or referral traffic on your website is important. But all your success depends on the question ‘are they converting?’ The only traffic on the website is not important, but the increase in lead conversion is equally important. Your business will be more interesting when it will have more conversion rates. Hence, focus on creating content that is compelling enough to get your leads converted.

  1. Page traffic

A website needs to receive organic traffic to so that you know that your Search Engine Optimization practices are giving you results. It is equally important to know where your traffic goes or what their further clicks are. You will understand what steps are to be taken to improve your blogging strategies. For example, you got your recent organic from a different blog topic which is related to a particular niche. Hence, it helps you to spend more time and improved content ideas to gain conversion from other channels.

  1. Visitors spending time on the website

These measuring efforts may differ from business to business. The visitor’s time on your site will help you know the effectiveness of the engagement level of the content. It will give you an idea of how to increase the engagement quality of the content. Keep an eye on the bouncing rate of the visitors on each channel. Every channel should contain effective and sticky content. Also, you should create outbound links of every content on every channel.

  1. Page speed insights tools

According to the SEO Company, it is very important to consider page speed. Google Analytics is an effective tool but page speed insights tools are more effective than this. It not only helps you to know about your page speed but also it helps you with some suggestions to fix the problems. There are many factors or type of content that affects your page speed namely videos, HD photos, etc. The critical technical issues that slow down your page speed are found out by this tool. Make sure the visual and graphical content you use within your blog content are compressed, not over-sized as it has direct impact on the loading size and the overall appearance of your blog. Also, this should be ignored as it is an important factor of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Links and rankings

Various factors are responsible for ranking on the search engines. It mostly depends on the quality of keywords and their positioning. The overall performance is dependent on this factor. In the case of links, there are many online tools which help you measure the number of links you are gaining. It also helps you to illustrate how much links you are losing.  Also, focus on interlinking your current topics with other topic from your blogs that are relevant and related to your current topic to give traffic to other blogs. Interlinking is also an important part of your Search Engine Optimization process.

  1. Plans

To improve all the above factors you should add a recommendation slot at the bottom of the report. It will help you to move further and improve your SEO campaigning efforts.

Blogging should be an important part of your business as well as your digital marketing strategy. Blogging helps to create and share engaging content with your audiences and a good source of receiving organic traffic to your website. We as an experienced SEO company, 72 DPI SKILLZ can help you with you an effective blog strategy for your business. Various other digital marketing strategies which help you to improve your marketing efforts are happily provided by us.

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