‘’A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’’

Weddings are a big day for every bride and as a bride-to-be, you leave no stones unturned to look extremely beautiful and astonishing on your special day. Talking about bridal attire bridal lehenga is the most important part of your bridal attire as it very well compliments your beautiful bridal look if chosen correctly and similarly if not taken care of it can make an extremely gorgeous bride look just like an ordinary one. Though a wedding is for a day its memories are cherished whole to live by every bride and so is the bridal lehenga. Every bride-to-be who purchases bridal lehenga for the wedding ceremony wishes to keep it with her whole life and as it is a dress very close to your heart you always want to wear it on any other special occasions of your life.

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Your Indian wedding wear for the wedding took Aas to be selected and then months to get it stitched in the same manner and then fitting and extra accessories required and all the then fitting and extra accessories required with it is all a very long process that took a lot of your efforts. And therefore as a bright, you always wish to keep up to your these efforts and keep your bridal lehenga as new as ever and keep remembering the golden memories of your special day full But it is not easily possible to wear your bridal lehenga for the next time after your wedding if it is not properly taken care of. Like with any other thing, a bridal lehenga also demands some special aftercare and treatment in order to be used again and kept as new forever.

1. Don’t hang in Wardrobe

For every bride, her bridal lehenga is very special and unlike any ordinary dress, she wants to keep it as new as ever to cherish the golden memories of her wedding throughout her life. And for the same preservation in a proper manner is a must-do point.

Believe me, to keep your bridal lehenga new forever it’s aftercare is very important and it begins the moment you take off your lehenga after your wedding ceremony. And for this, it is very important to keep in mind where your bridal lehenga is going to be stored. Expert people and designers ays that unlike your jewelry, the garments need to breathe which means they cannot be hung or stored in the wardrobes, basements neither can they be locked away as antiques. An outfit is designed keeping in mind that the bride can wear it over and over again even after getting a marriage ceremony but the only thing is to care what the outfit demands so that like a page of an open book you can go through your bridal lehenga again and again and refresh your happy memories.

2. Store in a special box

Unlike any ordinary, you always wanted to keep your wedding lehenga as new as ever so that you can put it on, look at it, and remember the golden memories of your life again and again.

But for this, your bridal lehenga must remain unchanged and new as ever, and there it is advised to store your lehenga in a special proper size box that your lehenga fits well into and where it can breathe at times. This will keep your lehenga look fresh and free from any strain of dirt or anything else which will surely help you keep your lehenga as new for a very long time.

3. Dry clean it as scheduled

Bridal lehenga is very special for every bride. It takes so much to decide which one to select for the wedding ceremony. Is a very crucial decision which you take as a bride-to-be. And so, of course, you want this special wedding lehenga to remain new as ever. But surely it cannot happen all on its own you need to do it.

The moment you take off your bridal lehenga it starts demanding aftercare and Dry cleaning is one of its essentials. So if you want to keep your bridal lehenga new forever get it dry cleaned as and when required. Generally, it is advised to get your bridal lehenga dry clean immediately after use, and if needed before wearing it for the next time get it dry cleaned as well. It is important because dry cleaning helps in maintaining the outfit in its original form and make it look fresh and new as just purchased from the bridal store for better and efficient results it is also advised by the experts and designer to maintain a proper dry cleaning plan for your bridal lehenga. First of all, you should pinpoint the concern areas of your bridal lehenga and then go for the dry cleaning process as the attire demands it is also important to select the correct dry cleaning Store that justifies your concern and helps you maintain your bridal lehenga new as ever.

4. Understand the instructions Clearly

Every bridal attire is not the same. There are different materials and techniques used in making them and so their maintenance is also different from one another. As you cannot stick to the same menu forever you just can’t treat every garment in the same way. As the bridal lehenga is very special and different for every bride in the same Maina aftercare of bridal lehenga is also different from that of ordinary garments.

Therefore, it is a very important tip and advice that every bride should keep in mind to maintain her bridal lehenga new and fresh forever it is advised to read all the instruction and guidelines given from the designer store regarding the dress it is is it essential to keep in mind that do’s and don’ts as they are important to be taken care of also deliver the same information correctly to the preservationists or dry cleaners so that they can use the correct method for cleaning your bridal lehenga as it helps a lot in long run to keep your bridal lehenga new as ever.

5. The finishing touch is important

It is very important to take good care of your bridal lehenga from the moment you take it off after your wedding ceremony in order to keep it fresh and new forever. Also, it is important to keep it safe and secure so that it remains free from any damages or destruction until the next use. But still, sometimes things are uncontrollable and due to some reasons even after all precautions and aftercare, you are unable to keep your bridal lehenga in the same manner as it was in the first place therefore it is advised to thoroughly check your bridal lehenga for any damages caused.

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And repairing them as soon as possible before using them for the second time. As there are chances that during the wedding ceremony or while taking your bridal lehenga off in a hurry there is a possibility that some stones or beat might have come off and you would have not paid attention to it or some other embroidery might have got damaged therefore it is advised that before using your bridal lehenga for the second time send it to the expert for the designer Store to get it dry clean and give your beautiful bridal lehenga a nice finishing touch. So that when you wear your beautiful bridal lehenga it looks as new as it was in the first place even if there were some damages caused to it.

6. Folding is an art

Buying a beautiful bridal lehenga and getting it Dryclyneed time to time is not just enough there are even minor things to be taken care of. Like folding it may sound simple but it is not the same folding of bridal lehenga in a correct manner is very important to keep it new as ever. Therefore it is always advised to place some paper or any other soft fabrics between the folds in order to avoid damage to stones Or embroidery. Also to keep your bridal lehenga look brand new and fresh keep changing the folds and papers from time to time it prevents the fabric from tearing and keeps your bridal lehenga as new as ever.

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7. Prevent cloth moths

Like your every other special dress your wedding lehenga can also easily be a center of attraction for cloth moths. Therefore, it is very important to preserve it from being in the race of attraction for the cloth moths. Now the question is what should be done to prevent your bridal lehenga from cloth months so the first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to avoid the use of insecticides as it can make your bright and Shiny bridal lehenga look dull because of the chemicals.

For efficient and harmless results it is advised to use the mothballs or the water-based biodegradable spray which can be applied on the inner sides of the storage box to prevent your beautiful bridal lehenga from the attack of cloth marks. But if you are a pure rest and want to avoid the month balls sachets filled with cedar is the best alternative for you. But the only thing to be kept in mind while using these is there shouldn’t be any direct contact between the saturated and your outfit as these are oil-based ingredients that can point to your beautiful bridal lehenga if not taken care of. Another important tape to be kept in mind to keep your beautiful bridal lehenga as new as ever and cherish the beautiful memories of your special day for the rest of your life.

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