7 Unique Styles of Saree Draping That Everyone Can Try

Unique Styles of Saree Draping That Everyone Can Try

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Saree can be considered the most popular women’s clothing garment in India, not to mention international gathers that it has obtained. This fashionable 6-9 yard garment is worn across the country as a daily wear for casual wearing or an important event such as weddings or parties. 

It has come far in being one of the most versatile clothing which is why it still has an enormous following of women who will wear nothing else apart from this garment for all function. When you come to think of it, regardless of background, all have this point in common: the saree is a universal language that every Indian woman understands.

The sarees we see today are very different from the ones that were first created as the ‘original sarees‘. One might ask if there are any ways of increasing the style value of these good old sarees? There are in fact many options to make this happen naturally. Without further ado here are 7 unique styles of saree draping that everyone can try.

1. Modern Draping Techniques

Of course even though the saree is a traditional clothing that was created several centuries ago, it has been recreated and designers have come up with several newer methods of draping the saree material to make the wearer look even more fashionable.

Some mentionable ones are the butterfly drape, mermaid drape, and even the neck drape in which the saree is taken around the neck to appear to look like a scarf of sorts. The younger generation can be credited for making this popular not just locally but around the world

2. Add a Jacket 

A clever idea indeed is the invention of wearing a jacket over the saree look or even getting a jacket that can double up as a blouse will look good and create the perfect illusion and have guests all shell-shocked about how you managed to pull off such a fashion stunt! 

If you are wearing a simple saree get a heavy decorated jacket with embroidery, sparkling stones, and if you are wearing a fancy designer saree, best go with a plain jacket to make sure that you do not make a clashing look between the two items. 

3. Classy Waist Belt with Saree

Since their introduction, the waist belt has been used across the board on various ethnic wear as an accessory that creates a stylish look. This small but powerful tool can do wonders when added to the saree.
 An attractive sophisticated waist band positioned at the right place on the waist (or just below the bust) is sure to make heads turn and look twice. You will be impressed by the look it gives, having a few of these stored in your wardrobe is a great investment in our view.

4. Pair a Shirt/Top with Saree

This one is targeting teenagers and fashion-conscious women. The fusion of western wear and ethnic wear gives rise to a whole new type of clothing that gets the best of both worlds, this is essential when you have an event to attend and need to look stylish but still want to pay tribute to our cultural background. 

If you are just looking to make a fashion statement then go ahead and pick a crop top t-shirt or opt for a chinese collar crop top that will be plain and sophisticated so that you do not complicate things too much. Sticking to the color theme will be an added plus point, white, grey, black, beige are colors that tend to match with every other color out there.

5. Traditional Half Saree

More famous in the southern states of the nation, they are compulsory to wear there for young unmarried women. In other parts of the country it is not a common sight, this makes it more novel. It is generally characterized by its shorter length (only 5 yards). 

Here this traditional piece can easily be made into a stylish statement wear at any event based on how you wear it and how well you accessorize it. 

6. Pant Style Saree

We all know that a blouse and a petticoat are some staple clothing that need to be worn beneath the saree, but what if we could wear something else in place of the petticoat? This question has been asked and answered by designers and the perfect solution was made. Pants, these can be an alternative option for the plain and outdated cotton petticoat. 

All that is required to rock this awesome look is an attractive tight-fitting pants that are not just good looking but also comfortable enough to be worn for an extended amount of time (picking the wrong one can be a problem!) make sure it is cotton or another breathable material. 

7. Lehenga Choli Saree

The lehenga has been around since the Mughal Era, it is truly an outfit fit for a queen. This is why it has been introduced into the saree category because many women cannot get enough of this look. So again you can ditch the old petticoat and go straight for a lehenga. 

Simple one or a slightly decorated one will do the trick, oh, and no color restrictions apply here so feel free to mix and match to your liking. The lehenga is worked into the equation to make everything pan out the way you would expect it to, minus the petticoat.


With all these expert tips there is bound to be nothing holding you back from dressing your saree to become the best version of yourself in this timeless piece of clothing. Parties, weddings, traditional events, daily or casual days, you can style the saree to suit your specific needs.  

Such advantages are rare and only given out by a few clothing options on the Indian fashion scene. Once your look has been perfected there is nothing left to do but enjoy yourself and have a memorable night that will be etching in your mind. You can buy wholesale designer sarees online which can save your time and money.

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