8 best places to visit in Iceland

8 best places to visit in Iceland

Iceland a perfect tourist destination to chill out and relax this summer. The country is full of natural gifts and a perfect reflection of classical European culture. It is also a perfect place for thrill-seekers who wanted to try scarier yet adventurous thing. Maximum of the places and picturesque location are nearby its capital city Reykjavik. The giant hot spring pool Blue Lagoon or Skaftafell Caves, Iceland will mesmerize you with its cool, comfortable traveling places. If you are booking your tickets and accommodations for the Iceland trip, make sure to mark the below 8 best places of Iceland in your checklist. 

  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the most comfortable and relaxing places in Iceland. The blue lagoon can be easily reached by a 15-20min car ride from the airport. Big geothermal spas, massage centers surrounded by natural humongous mountains de-stresses the body. The water and pools consist of rich minerals, silica and people apply those on the skin to smoothen it. There are various more places to visit nearby Blue Lagoon like Svartsengi Power Plant, Bridge of the two continent and outer Reykjanes Peninsula. You can also get great discount on ticket booking online using TicketGoose Coupons

  1. Landmannalaugar Reserve 

Landmannalaugar the mountains of Iceland located in Fjallabak Nature Reserve is one of the famous shooting places of Bollywood songs. It has huge colorful mountains covered with red, green or brown color. There are also some natural geothermal pools between terrains and mountains. Tourists like to see the picturesque Rhyolite mountains, Lava Fields, Hot springs and canyons. You can reach here through a 3-hour taxi ride from Reykjavik. Landmannalaugar also has decent accommodation as well as Iceland local cuisines facilities.

  1. Strokkur Geyser

Want to experience some breath-taking creation, the Strokkur Geyser is natures beautiful gift to Iceland with active geyser and hot springs erupting till the height of 30m. There are varieties of small hot spots to chill with. Tourist usually treks the nearby mountains or terrain to get drone view of the beautiful hot springs. You can also move for Golden circle route to see the Thingvellir National Park, a world heritage site with astonishing waterfalls. Activities like scuba diving and rafting in the no-mans-land between North America will Definity thrill you to the next level.

  1. Skaftafell Ice Cave

Skaftafell Ice Cave consists of a natural ice cave in where you can explore the glaciers from inside and perplexing reflections and patterns. The 4hour plus tour include inside walk in the old as well as newly formed caves, going to crystal caves and hiking the glaciers. You can also proceed for the Skaftafell Nature Reserve or the picturesque Black waterfall. There are various private companies which provide the guiding facilities for Skaftafell and you should hire one if you are visiting for the first time also the preferable months to visit it are October to March.

  1. Askja Caldera  

Askja Caldera is silent but impressing photo point of Iceland. This place was also used as a training location for astronauts of Apollo 11 mission. Askja mountains spread over 45sq km in the area are formed through various eruptions. The scenery is beautiful, a pure hot water spring name Viti surrounded by red-brown mountains and terrains and nothing else around the visible land. You will relate this place to some Mars movies. You can rent personal cars or hire a guide cum driver for reaching Askja Caldera. 

  1. Kirkjufell Mountain

This place is perfect for those who are tired wandering on the crowdy streets of Iceland and want to relax and recharge their energy for further trip. The Kirkjufell Mountain is in the village of Grundarfjördur which is easily accessed by local transport or cabs from Reykjavik. The Kirkjufell Mountain and the surrounded area is covered with greenly and consist of small lakes, waterfalls, tiny bridges and this combined scenery under the clear sky will surely de-stress the body. Also, Kirkjufell Mountains comes under those areas of Iceland which shows enchanting Northern Lights in the nights.

  1. Hallgrímskirkja, Church of Island 

One of the country major attraction, this church is designed so huge and beautiful that it is observed from any here in the city. The central tower of church Hallgrímskirkja divides its width symmetrically and is of height 240 ft which from the top gives’ complete phenomenal scenery of Reykjavik. In the entrance of the church, there is a statue of Leif Eiriksson, a Viking. Spend half of your day here and then go for shopping and eating at Skolavordustigur Street just below the church. You can also apply for Travel Manager Jobs to know about this field.

  1. Akureyri

A beautiful city to visit at the end of your Iceland trip, Akureyri is in the northern part of the country. The whole town seems like the villages of Cuba, rows of cute little houses and apartments covered in colorful colors. You can also go for boat rides and fishing. Akureyri also acts as a harbor so you will find markets rich with international goods around the city. It is famous for its churches with glass paintings which are the scopes to Bible stories through Islandic lens. You should visit this city and spends at least 2-3 days on it. 


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