8 Convenient Ways You Can Use Integrated Labels


Integrated labels have proven many times until now that their invention is an excellent convenience in the world of labeling. They are cost-effective, time and energy-saving and have a versatile range of uses. There are different types, including eBay labels that have two labels per sheet, integrated labels with 1, 2, 4 and even eight labels per sheet. All of them are specially designed to suit the needs of a particular niche they are intended for. Here are X ways in which integrated labels are used.

  1. For Invoicing

The integrated labels are used to deliver a product and provide the customer with an invoice at the same time. It only takes one document which includes all the information necessary to ship a product and invoice it.

  1. In Warehouses and Logistics

When it comes to storing goods in the warehouse, the distribution operation must be organized with all the essential documents provided. The integrated labels are an excellent solution for picking document, pack list, and shipping labels. Generally, One sheet of paper is used in 3 ways, making it the most convenient option for a business in terms of paper office supplies.

  1. In Pharmacy Applications

The pharmacists can print out important patient educational information about the prescription and use the integrated labels of one sheet of paper to apply to the prescription bottle or box. In this way, pharmacists are able to fill prescriptions much easier and faster for their patients.

  1. In Laboratories

Integrated labels are a handy tool in laboratories where different chemicals and substances must be adequately labeled. The rest of the document is used as an instructional piece while the labels are stuck directly on bottles or the shelves.

  1. Direct Mail Shipments

If a direct mail shipment is returned to its sender, the integrated label makes it easy for the purchaser to return the product. The company sticks a return label into the pack list which lets the purchaser know the address where to return the product if there is a problem with it. eBay labels are used in such situations as well.

  1. Service Reminders

If the company wants to provide a client with a copy of their service receipt together with a pre-printed service reminder, the integrated labels serve an excellent purpose for it. This is especially beneficial in the automotive market for repairs, tire rotations, oil changes, and so on, where the company reminds the customer when should be the next check-up or service.

  1. Gift Messages

If you want to send out a gift and include a gift message for the receiver, the integrated labels will do an excellent job. You can also add the marketing promotional message, and the recipient will get both the product and the message at the same time.

  1. Marketing Departments

A similar use like the previous one, in marketing departments, the integrated labels are often used for their plethora of benefits. Namely, the marketing departments use integrated labels to distribute their message across their target customers, thus making them part of an effective marketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

Integrated Labels facilitate the process of shipping, invoicing and providing the customer with the necessary information about their purchase. Plus, they give a complete professional look at the documentation and improve the professional face of the business. Their cost-effectiveness, time and energy-saving features are what makes the essential tool in every office.