8 steps to a successful education sector marketing strategy

Higher education societies are facing a huge marketing competition. As there is an increase in new educational institutions there is a need for involving stronger and newer higher education marketing strategy. Students, as well as the environment, is growing digitally hence, there is a need to shift the traditional marketing strategies to the digital one. Both online and offline strategies or a mixture of both helps you to make your marketing strategies more effective.

You should always update yourself with the new era of marketing. Using the same marketing strategies every year may not help you boost your enrolment numbers. If you are seeing for some updated professional help then 72 DPI Skillz is happy to help you. As a focused Brand Marketing Agency, 72 DPI Skillz (www.72dpiskillz.com) has been supporting schools, colleges, and educational institutions and startups with a strategic marketing approach. The plan of action by 72 DPI Skillz is targeted, strategic, and result-oriented which greatly emphasizes creating robust education marketing strategies.

The 8 steps to a successful education sector marketing strategy.

  1. Include automation in marketing

Automation is a beautiful feature of digitalization. If you want to track your marketing strategy results step by step, then automate your website. You will be able to track the student journey from visiting the website to their enrolment. You will be able to track the increase in enrolment very easily and deeply. It helps you to tailor your website content according to your needs. It gives all the increments in leads of new students. Tracking step by step helps you to know where your content marketing is diminishing.

  1. Centralize the marketing strategy

A centralized marketing strategy for education helps to give better control of the marketing plans and efforts. You will be able to monitor the progress and activities under one roof. If your education marketing strategy is centralized and you standardize as key performance indicators, then it will lead you towards effective marketing as the whole of the trust builds its brand. It is, in general, a budget-friendly.

  1. Use a digital approach

Marketing your higher educational academy digitally may help you the most. Digitally upgrade your admission process to provide ease to the students as well as you. It helps you build a digital brand. If you go hand in hand with focused social media marketing in a targeted way, it will help you reach your goals and take your brand to the next level. This is one of the most effective and sought after your education marketing strategy.

  1. Go as live as possible

Live streaming is a powerful way to increase engagement with the students. It is an effective type of marketing as it lets you reach the students’ emotions through video. Some online contests, questions and answer sessions, live classes help you build engagement with the students. Facebook live, YouTube, Instagram, many more are the best platforms where you can go live and beat the competition.

  1. Make your e-mail strategy more effective

E-mailing is an old but great your education marketing strategy. It helps you to keep your marketing direct and personalized. But sometimes all the emailing goes into vain. It is seen that the e-mails are sent from time to time but do not reach students. The reason behind it is some mails are automated to reside in the spam box of e-mail. To make your mail marketing more effective, go for optimizing your e-mails vial tools such as seventh sense will increase the deliverability of your e-mail.

  1. Optimize and personalize communication

E-mail is the best way to personalizes communication. Optimization of the recipient of your e-mail helps you gain leads rather than emailing on the larger pool. You need to target your audience before you go for communication with them. You need to consider the factors as follows to gain the leads and have a focused education marketing strategy

  • The age group of your audience
  • Search for career options for the students
  • Subjects you cover
  1. Monitor your efforts

If you wish to see an increment in the enrolment number, you need to monitor in and out of your education marketing plan. To measure your success and measure where you lag in success, you need to monitor and take some calls of action.

You need to see the following factors

  • Trace your traffic (need to measure from where you got the organic traffic. Is it from the Facebook or any other social media platform, organic search or WOM)
  • Trace your actions on the website (did the student who visited the website went for enrolment and further action)
  • Trace social media strategy (is social media strategy helping you to increase the enrolment)
  • Budget for marketing (how much you are engaging your part of budget per platform of marketing and which one is more useful)
  1. Social media marketing

It has now become one of the preferred and best-targeted education marketing strategies. Social media occupies most of the students’ time of the day. Hence, social media is the best way to reach potential students. Your attractive content on social media can help you build awareness and popularity of your education brand. To maximize the effort, you need to feature some of your educational achievements that include achievements of your faculty and students’ success, showcase your successful alumni, the journey of your students and college or university, etc.

To make your marketing efforts clearer and more effective there is a need for having a strategic marketing plan. The plan comes with utmost research and understanding. Understanding what the needs of the students are will help you to engage them with your university. These 8 steps to a successful education sector marketing strategy will help you meet your marketing objectives.

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