9 Best Methods to Light up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important sections of our house. The good lighting has the power to uplift the ambiance and mood of any space. But, for the installation of lighting fixtures in your bathroom, you should take the help of electrician Central Coast NSW.

Here, in this article, we are going to reveal the expert techniques to light up your bathroom in an optimum way:

1. Layer Different Lighting Fixtures

All experts focus on lighting in layers! One big lighting fixture is not sufficient for optimum illumination of any space in your house. Therefore, you should use various lighting fixtures for the right illumination in your bathroom. There are three important lighting fixtures and that are listed below:

Ambient Lighting

This is general lighting that is used to light up the entire bathroom. These are usually flush mounts that provide a huge amount of illumination.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting help to highlight a specific area. You can use this lighting system to make your bathroom a pleasant place. Hang a wall painting and use task lighting to highlight that specific area.

Accent Lighting

The accent lighting helps to light up dark corners of your bathroom so that you do not fall down.

If any lighting fixture fails to work in your bathroom, then never try to fix it by yourself because it can be highly dangerous. Therefore, you should immediately call an experienced electrician such as an emergency electrician Central Coast.

2. Scones Or Pendant Lights

All best bathrooms have scones or pendant lighting fixtures installed at face level. These fixtures are installed at one of the sides of the vanity mirror. Do not rely on an overhead lighting fixture, they may form shadows on your eyes and make you look dull and tired. Therefore, you should install the pendant or scones lights on one side of your mirrors.

3. Wet-Rated Lighting Fixtures

Not all lighting fixtures are designed for bathrooms. The bathrooms are wet spaces and they need wet-rated lighting fixtures. If you want to install a lighting fixture above the shower or sink, then you should choose good wet-rated lights so that they work well in damp areas.

4. Power Level Of Bathroom Lights

Usually, bathrooms are small spaces, therefore, you do not need large wattage lighting fixtures. Approximately 60 watts would be sufficient. If your bathroom is a very small space, then you should consider less than 60 watts. For the right wattage level of lighting fixtures in your bathroom, you should consult a licensed level 2 electrician Central Coast.

5. Brass Scone Lamps

The bathroom spaces usually have brass hardware, therefore, brass scones will look amazing. They will amp up the decor of your area and efficiently lit up your bathroom. The brass scones will give a stylish touch to your bathroom. They look gorgeous!

6. Use Your Imagination

You have to go creative and use your imagination to make a statement in your bathroom with different types of lighting fixtures. There are more lighting systems available in the market along with bath bars and recessed lighting fixtures. You can also install chandelier in your bathroom.

Yes, it is possible to make your bathroom look like a royal space with a statement chandelier. If your bathroom ceilings are not very high, then you can consider flush-mount over canned lights.

7. Install Dimmer With Lights

It is great if you can control the illumination level of your bathroom lighting fixtures. You can control the brightness as per the requirement. So, you should put more lights on dimmer. During morning time, you do not need much brightness because daylight will also add illumination in your bathroom.

To fix the lighting problem in your bathroom, you should call an electrician that is always available such as a 24-hour electrician Central Coast.

8. Install LED Lights

The modern lighting fixtures such as LEDs are highly efficient for your bathrooms. They consume less energy and provide a good level of brightness. The LED lights are a sustainable choice because it can reduce your monthly utility bills.

While purchasing LED fixtures, you should consider some factors: how much brightness they provide, what kind of color temperature they have? Is it possible to vary their brightness level?

9. Lights For Small Bathroom

You may be thinking that you can not light up efficiently your small size bathroom because all the above-mentioned lighting fixtures are not suitable for your small bathroom. But, this is a false consideration. In small size bathroom, you can skip some of the above-mentioned steps.

But, you can also amp up the decor of your small bathroom with a different style of the lighting system. You can even transform your small bathroom into a space of your dream.  If the ceiling of your bathroom is too low, then rather than installing chandelier you should go for flush-mounts that are rate high for damp spaces.

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