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Nowadays when you are really tired of short hair all you need is a trip to a hair salon – you walk in with short hair, and after a while, you walk out with long, beautiful locks – that is. Unbelievable! Don’t wait months for your hair to grow – just book this appointment, and you’re done. Before you rush to transform your hair, however, you should know what to look for in hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Basically, there are two types of extensions – synthetic and human. Of course, synthetic extensions are cheaper, but they don’t look or feel like human hair. They tend to be a bit stiff, with little bulk and no bounce. On the other hand, hair extensions, although more expensive, make you look and feel more natural. Of course, Vibrant human hair extensions are more expensive as they are more natural and last longer. There is a lot to know about human hair extensions, though, before visiting the salon. For instance, if poor quality hair is used, then your extensions won’t be at all what you expected. They can become brittle and dry, causing them to tangle easily. 

There are two options for human hair extensions: Tape-in extensions or those that are permanently attached. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Tape-in extensions are cheaper and can be easily attached and removed whenever you feel like having long hair. Permanently attached extensions, on the other hand, are more expensive because you need a professional to do it for you. Once the extensions are in place, they will be a part of you for a long time.

It is so important to know what to look for when choosing hair extensions. For example, if you go with the Tape-in extensions, your best bet is going for branded extensions such as Babe hair extensions, because their extensions are of high quality and look really natural.

Hair Extensions Options

There are also two options for permanently attached hair extensions in a salon – either individual strands attached to your own hair or wefts braided into your own hair. Various chemicals are used to secure the individual strands in place. It can sometimes be difficult to remove without damaging your own hair.

Bangs, on the other hand, are perfectly safe as they won’t damage your own hair at all. The only problem, however, is that as your hair grows, it becomes necessary to braid the wefts. This usually needs to be done every two months, which of course adds to the cost.

Pro Tips 

Another thing to look for in hair extensions is the length of the hair you want. The longest extensions are usually between 24 and 29 inches long. Longer than these are not recommended as they will become too heavy and can lead to headaches and general discomfort. The average length of the hair extensions is around 17-23 inches and is absolutely perfect for women of average height.

Now that you know what to look for in hair extensions take your pick, have it done or do it yourself and enjoy the amazing transformation. Remember that with proper care, you can enjoy your extensions for much longer.

Hairdresser should be aware of this and the order in which they come out when coloring the hair. Eumelanin comes out first, exposing the phaeomelanin. Of course, the darker your hair, the higher the concentration of both melanins. The challenge will always come when you try to do just a shade or two lighter without warm undertones. It is a nightmare for the hair coloring artist who works on colouring your hair. This will never happen unless a lot of things in and out of the living room are controlled.

Choosing the hair colour

Now determine which hair color you would like to have. It’s easier because at this point you know where you are. You looked at your skin tone, lifestyle, and feelings at the end of the process. They know the procedure and understand what your hair can really do and what can be a little more complicated in terms of personal hair color.

Hair colouring process

Now that you understand the science of hair coloring a little bit, it’s time for your colorist to get started in the art of coloring. Here you cannot help them. What you need to do is entrust your hair color to your colorist. They are professionals. The ability to mix hair color is fantastic, not only do you need a solid foundation for learning, but you also need an instinct and love of hair coloring and people. As with all chemicals, reactions vary depending on a person’s personal skin type, type of water used in the area, chemicals used in their products, etc. Trust is really the only word I can give you here. If you have spent the time and dedication to choose a professional colorist, make sure they understand the essential basics and are clear on what you want, you have the best chance of getting hair color.

If you have spent the time and dedication to choose a professional colorist, make sure they understand the essential basics and are clear on what you want, you have the best chance of getting hair color.

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