Affordable Jaipur Tour Packages for Your Friends and Family

Jaipur, the first planned Indian city, was designed by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. The capital city of Rajasthan is world-renowned for its vibrant gems and puts together all the beauty of its ancient heritage and benefits in a region. This busy contemporary city, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is one of the three corners of the golden triangle.

If someday you come across someone’s traveling bucket list, then there’s no way you wouldn’t find Jaipur in their list. From its architecture to its hot summer days, Jaipur has been famous for almost everything since primitive times. The city is a perfect amalgamation of culture, heritage, tradition, westernization and even a bit of countryside lifestyle when you start to explore it, no matter as a tourist or an explorer. Traveling here is not just restricted to famous museums and forts but there are a number of hidden sites that can be explored when you have plenty of time in hand. The best part of the city is its tourism is in such a way that it is suited for every sort of budget. It always seems affordable traveling through Jaipur Tour Packages.

Experience of Spirituality with A Splendid tour package for your friends and family

Make sure you make the most of the monuments and temples, which are incredibly soulful and breathtaking, while scheduling an affordable trip to Jaipur Overflowing with beautiful green parks, Jaipur’s Birla Mandir or Laxmi Narayan Temple is a beautiful place to see Rajasthan’s brilliant architectural design. Without hesitation, this one of the most impressive religious centers in Jaipur experienced by huge numbers of believers. You can’t take your eyes off the temple’s magnificent glass windows which have excerpts from Hindu beliefs. You should be fascinated by the stonework and the sculptures. Looking up at this temple’s elevated walls and ceilings, you’ll see exquisite engravings from the holy Hindu texts like Geeta and Upanishads. At the venue, one can purchase souvenirs and religious materials from the store as well. This one is, in reality, a must-experience on a tight budget for those who visit the city. Around it, you’ll experience the famous PanditPavBhaji having an exquisite taste of PavBhaji at a very affordable price.

Feel the Sense of Padharo Mahare Desh with Jaipur tour packages

Besides Birla Mandir, you also need to explore seeing the magnificent Nahargarh Fort from the 18th century. Reminiscent of the glorious past of Jaipur, this fort once defended the City from external threats. The moment you walk through the Fort’s massive doors, you’ll be mysteriously taken to a previous age when royal families were sitting on their glorious thrones! You will find some exquisitely built temples and massive courtyards which merely add to the fort’s splendor. You can also enjoy spectacular views of Jaipur from here, as the fort enjoys a hilltop position. Offering fantastic views over the Pink City and stunning Man Sagar Lake, this fort is, in reality, a fantastic vacation spot from the chaos of the area.

Royalty of Chokhi Dhani with your Friends and Family

This planned village resort in Jaipur is like a celebration without the usual mayhem that never stops. Dinner here will certainly check your appetite and can be experienced when being exposed to a dazzling fusillade of acts. The only way to ingest the spirit of Rajasthan in you is to be here with Jaipur Tour Packages; chaos, flavors, fragrance, and colors.

Enjoy the shopping experience of Johri Bazar

Let your fashion set on Jaipur’s most acclaimed bazaar-Johri Bazar. The Bazar is Jaipur’s shopping speed dial. A visitor to Jaipur will never miss out on handmade jewelry, clothes, and handicrafts at an affordable price. You will head to Johri Bazar to enjoy the best shopping experience when you leave the Palace.

Enjoy a movie at the Raj Mandir Theatre

Want to watch a movie? Then how can you miss the opportunity not to visit Raj Mandir? Raj Mandir Theater, the pride of the Asian Theatre, is a film fan contract! Founded in 1976, this theater is complicated in meringue shaped and has a capacity of 1300 people. It’s special with its walls, oblique lighting scheme, and contemporary fashion architecture. When you watch a movie right here, you will enjoy it. After the move and have fun at Raj Mandir’s cinema with the taste of ‘Lassi’ of the famed ‘Lassiwa’. The Lassiwala is right here because it is against the law that the city leaves this legendary shop without trying the Lassi.

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