An Insight to Different Types of Leather and Their Uses

Leather is just a fashion accessory for the majority of the buyers. They don’t even bother about the quality of it. Just the ‘word’ leather is enough for them. But the reality is a bit different. Quality and types of leather products are difficult to recognize. The products you are buying might be made of artificial leather. If you want to possess authentic leather products, you need to consider two matters closely:

  • Where is the ideal place to purchase leather products?
  • How to identify authentic leather products?

Here in this article, we will try to present some details about various types of leather. Henceforth while investing a considerate amount for your leather fashion accessories, you can have the best one.

Now the question arises whenever you are choosing a leather product, what are the things you look for? Most of us look for the color, design, and price as in case of any other item. And, the attached tag with the products is often ignored by us. But if we closely focus on the tag, we can see that there is some information like ‘top grade’ or ‘genuine’. These are nothing but the description of types of leather according to the quality.

You might be aware of the fact that the validity and price of the leather products differ because of their quality. But a million-dollar question arises here is that which type of leather is the best? Have a look at some of the factors which determine the quality of the leather:

  • The kind of the animal and their breed.
  • Location and climate of its’ living area.
  • The part of the skin involved in the formation of an animal.
  • The layer of the skin (full-grain, top-grain, split) used.
  • Quality of processing.

The classification of leather is based absolutely on their qualities. Let’s discuss different types of leather:

  1. Full Grain Leather:

This kind of Leather is obtained from the upper layer of the skin of an animal. All the grains of the skin remain intact with it. So it is named as full-grain leather. This type is the topmost quality-wise, and that’s why are also high in price. Also, it is very difficult to work on this type of leather. This type of leather is usually used to prepare riding seats.

  1. Top Grain Leather:

Now comes the other type of leather which can be graded as second highest in quality. The top part of the skin with some flaw is separated to get this kind of leather. Then, the surface of the leather is polished to make it free from imperfections. There is a kind of pigmented look that adds allure to it.

This type of leather is very sturdy yet smooth and manageable than the full-grain leather. It tends to stretch overtimes. Also, this type of leather is used by top-class fashion designers to make some high-end quality jackets and hand purses. It is also involved in the suede and nu-buck processing.

  1. Corrected Grain Leather:

Next in the list is the Corrected grain leather also known as split-leather. It is obtained from the layers which are remained after the separation of the top layer of the hide and the corium. As it is located under the top layer, it is a tough kind of fabric and therefore used only in making up those products where the softness of the leather is not a criterion.

This type of leather is also polished to be perfected. Generally, printing and embossing are done on this type of quality. They are hugely involved in making fashion accessories like shoes, handbags, floral leather bags, jackets, etc.

  1. Bonded Leather:

The leftover of the skins like dust and shavings are bonded together and form this kind of leather with latex on the upper part of a fiber-sheet. It is often painted to look like full or top grain leather. You will fail to understand the quality until the seller is disclosing the fact.

This leather is very poor in quality and cheapest among the other types. It is mainly used in book-binding and furniture décor. Some fashion accessories are also made up of this kind of leather.

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These are the four main types of leather. But there are some other types too based on the percentage of organic materials used, resistance capacity, and finishing method. Let’s have a quick check:

A. Aniline Leather:

This is the most natural one made with tender and tanned animal skin. The skins of the animals are colored with exclusive aniline colors in a drum. This translucent and water-soluble dye can hide stains and other kinds of imperfections.

It is very expensive and needs to be maintained. This kind of leather is very popular in the world of fashion. This type is mainly used to create bags, jackets, and wallets.

B. Carpincho Leather:

This leather is fine and exotic in quality with high appreciation from the experts. Carpincho Leather is a huge South American rodent. This leather is very durable and becomes more and more comfortable over time. Also, this leather has a special place in the fashion market because of its quality.

This is especially used to make fashionable gloves. Apart from this, footwear, belts, bags are also made out of it. A special kind of Argentinian shoe mainly used by their cowboys are designed with this kind of leather.

C. Embossed Leather:

Some artificial design is implemented with high heat and pressure on animal hide to form this kind of leather. Some techniques of embossing are blind, gold, and color imprint. Sometimes foam kind of material is also used to make the embossing ages well. They are used to make ladies’ bags and purses.

D. Kidskin Leather:

This type of leather is obtained from the skin of lambs and young goats. It is very soft, manageable, and long-lasting. It is expensive due to its’ quality but you do not need to upkeep it frequently. They are hugely involved in making gloves for babies, ladies, and gents.

It is a dream to have leather collections in our wardrobe. With these ideas, you will surely able to possess a price-worthy leather product.



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