Awesome Tools for Social Media Marketing 2020

If you are eager to increase your online customer base, you need to take advantage of social media. Today, social media has become ubiquitous on the internet. So by marketing in this vast internet world, you can reach millions of people. But for that, you need to know how to recognize the right audiences.

Once you know the right audiences for your brand or product, you will reduce your marketing costs by millions of dollars using free social media. Today’s article discusses some of the specialized tools for social media marketing. These tools will make social media marketing easier.



Creating different pictures and posts on the same subject through various social media is really a matter of time. Viraltag has come to save you this time and make your job easier. These social media tool allows you to do a lot of things together. It can be used to post pictures and text on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

With this tool, you will also find an excellent marketing calendar that will come in handy to analyze your marketing in the long run. This calendar also has particular benefits for those who market using Instagram and Pinterest. You can also create a content library and schedule posts by category, which will help you improve your marketing strategy and reach more people.

But to use this tool, you have to count some money every month. You can buy and use the package according to your needs starting from a minimum of $29 per month.


If you want to get more attention through social media, you should definitely use the DesignCap graphic maker. This tool collects information about various topics and themes. You can use this tool to present your brand more nicely and timely on the internet. Although it is easy to use, it offers numerous interesting tutorials on various topics in its Learn section.

You can use this app to create brand kits, YouTube channel arts, Facebook covers, Pinterest posts, Twitter headers, Facebook posts, etc. With DesignCap, you can also create marketing content such as infographics, charts, presentation, reports, resumes, flyers, etc. You can do more to customize your design such as adding branding logo, creating color matching for brands and designs, choosing the right font, working with white space, choosing friendly titles and tags, and many more. Besides, using this tool, you can learn the details about different aspects of social media content design and apply them to ensure proper marketing.



Buffer will save you a lot of time in online marketing. Using this app, you can schedule, publish, and even analyze various marketing topics through multiple social media.

There is no cost involved in using Buffer. Anyone can use this tool anywhere. The tool’s most significant advantage is that different posts can be scheduled through different social media with just one click. It allows your visitors to see your promotion through social media at regular intervals, even if you are not present.

What’s more, the same or different messages can be quickly sent to multiple social media inboxes. You can edit various social media content already posted, adding photos and videos if you want. Thus, your marketing will be more natural and more productive through social media.



Sometimes advertisements are posted on social media that claim to reach more viewers than general content. But according to the rules of social media, one post does not show on the homepage of users for a long time. In this case, MeetEdgar can help you. Edgar will make sure your post reaches the maximum number of people. Even your posts will repeatedly lead to new visitors.

Using the tool, you can create a library of content and sort it by different categories. Then leave the rest to Edgar. You no longer have to worry about re-posting valuable content. Because MeetEdgar will take your old posts to new audiences again and again and ensure your desired marketing.

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Creative new content doesn’t always come to mind, especially if you don’t have the right mood. But you can use DesignCap to create fancy graphic content. And use the other tools above to post the awesome graphic image to your social media. Using these tools, you can gather information from 10 social media and analyze and coordinate it for your marketing. The templates of these tools are very visually pleasing and easy to use.

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