Baddie Outfits For School Girls

We often think that the baddies that exist in the schools are only the boys who act as big bullies for the other school students. But here we are wrong as we have found out that there are many girls baddie students in the schools who dominate the girl’s section of the school. These girls not only dominate over the rest of the students but also have their own dress code in such a way that you can identify a baddie from the crowd and pinpoint the baddie girl.
You can easily pinpoint a baddie girl by the way of her outfit. She will be dressed in very ruffled clothes and her dress sense will be very awkward and out of place. Like she will have her sweater not on her shoulders but tied by the sleeves at her waist. Her jeans will be a shredded jean and will be shredded at the most unwanted places. Her hair will not be neatly combed and will be ruffled. Her shoes will be shabby and not properly polished or washed.. On the whole, the baddie will be a walking scarecrow out of the fields.
It is very weird but now let us talk about some baddie outfits that are designed for the girls who are always in swag. Let us keep in mind that a baddie is the most casually dressed student in the school. The baddie girls are usually stoutly built and are having a big body than the other school girls. They are a bit over built-in size and look bigger than their age. So to suit their personality we will give the girl a pair of over shredded jeans, it should be a bit low waist and one size bigger so that it slumps downwards, that gives a very careless look for the girl.
Then to top it up we can give her red cotton checked shirt that has buttons in the front. The shirt will be knotted roughly at the front at the waist and the sleeves will be randomly folded to the elbows. Next, she will have a full sleeve sweatshirt that will be knotted at the waist with the help of the sleeves. Then she will be wearing a pair of sports shoes that are dirty and the shoes are without any socks. As for her hair, they will be tied in a ponytail not by comb but by just gathering them by her fingers in an untidy pony.
We have another option for a baddie girl if she is in a little smaller class. That is that if she is in a 6th or 7th grade. Yes, we find baddies right from the 1st grade in the schools, but they are very cute baddies as compared to the higher grade baddies. These cute little girls are put under the category of a baddie but actually they are very cute and very innocent little angels. Here our baddie will be a little differently dressed than her elder counterpart as she is much younger in age and also the mindset. We will give her a skirt to wear. The skirt will have a material that is according to the weather. We will have a woolen skirt for the winter and a cotton skirt for the summer.
The skirt can either be in bold checks or a solid color or a printed or a striped skirt. The skirt will be above knee length. It will have a broad belt with or without the suspenders that depends on the built of the girl. If she is a bit of bulky then she will need suspenders for the skirt. Over the skirt again it depends on the weather whether she has a full-sleeved shirt or a half-sleeved shirt. If it is a full sleeve shirt then the shirt will be knotted in the front and the sleeves will be rolled up randomly up to the elbows. Now there is also a sweatshirt that is full sleeved and is not worn but tied at the waist of the girl by the sleeves. The sweatshirt can also be slung over the shoulders in a loose knot just to support it.
Now the girl has to wear footwear also. So we will give her a pair of soiled sports shoes with the laces open and a pair of dirty socks that have slid down the legs at the ankles of the girl. On the whole, her outfit is untidy and that is a reflection of her personality in the school. See, the baddies get their name due to the big bully type attitude that they inherit from bullying the other students and these bullies are ever ready to pick up a fight or chase a student around the playground of the school. They are usually not good in their studies as they do not pay any attention to the lessons that are taught in the classroom by the teacher and are always up to some prank or the other.

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