Benefits of buying 2 bhk Apartment in Jaipur for Investment

The residential real estate market of Jaipur has seen many fluctuations in the last 5 years. The prices of real estate saw a downfall at the time of demonetization and spiked up in the year 2018 but again came down in the year 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the one thing is stable since the last 5-6 years is the investment in real estate. People are inclined towards investing in real estate as compared to other verticals, and they are even more interested in Buying 2 BHK apartments in Jaipur for investment.

As more families are shifting towards nuclear living, they are looking for affordable and decent homes for a living. A 2 bhk apartments for investment offers them many benefits along with the comfort of living in budget and prime location perks!

Moreover, buying a 2 BHK apartment serves various purposes for each kind of household. For example, if you are single or a working professional, you can invest in a 2 BHK apartment as it offers decent living space and allows an extra room as well. You can even live with a roommate or pool in the funds to invest in a flat if one agrees.

On the other hand, if you are married and wish to move to a new home or a new city, you can opt a two bedroom apartment owing to its affordability.

Now let’s take a look at,


Reasons Why Investing in 2 BHK Apartment is a Great Choice

Have you ever wondered why many real estate companies focus on building more 2 BHK flats as compared to studio apartments or 1 BHK’s? Here we will discuss some of the significant benefits of 2 BHK investment

More Cost-Efficient

According to the market value, a 1 BHK apartment will undoubtedly cost you less than a 2 BHK, but if we take a look at the cost-effectiveness, a 2 BHK is considered to be more effective.

Let us understand this by an example, the cost of a 1 BHK in Jaipur stands around 15-18 lakh, and a 2 BHK stands around 23-25 lakh. Notice the difference in price here? So to put it in words, we can say that just by increasing the price bracket by 5-6 lakhs, you can get a 2 BHK property which will be more spacious and will prove to be beneficial for your family as well. 

A Comfortable Space

Clearly, a 2 BHK is more spacious as compared to a 1 BHK. You have more rooms, bigger and better carpet area, a comparatively bigger kitchen and more comfortable living space.

A two BHK is useful for a future perspective as well. As your family grows, the needs of having separate rooms also comes into consideration. Thus, Buying this type of flat as a one-time investment is a wise choice.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a flat with 2 or 3 rooms is easier than maintaining a home with 5-6 rooms. For hassle-free maintenance, many people opt for 2 BHKs. Moreover, the cost of maintenance of a 2 BHK is lower as compared to a bigger flat.

Furthermore, if you think about it with a practical approach, then cleaning and maintaining a cluttered 1 BHK or a studio apartment involves more hassle than a spacious and well-organized two bedroom apartment.

And needless to say that if you opt for a property which is backed by the trust of a renowned builder then your maintenance cost is 10X reduced. You will get a better building quality and regular maintenance of your apartment without any hassles.

Better Returns, Profits and Resale

Buying a 2 BHK might seem like an expensive deal as compared to One bedroom apartment, but if you view it practically from an investment point of view, a 2 bedroom flat will give you higher ROI (Returns on investment.) 

For simple reasons like affordability, easy maintenance and comfortable home, the resale value of such units is also higher. As the demand for flats with two bedrooms is higher in metro cities, people are willing to invest in 2 BHK homes.

Therefore, Investing in 2 BHK apartments in Jaipur is a win-win as it ticks off all the requirements of comfortable living.


Where to Invest in 2 BHK Flats

Now that you are aware of the importance of a two bedroom-hall-kitchen, you must be looking forward to investing in one and you can also check how to choose best real estate company for investment.

But before you ask, here’s my advice.

If you are looking forward to investing in the modern 2 BHK flats, then you must look for residential Flats in prime locations of Jaipur like Jagatpura, Ajmer road and Mansarovar by Mahima Group.

Start searching for your perfect investment property today!

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