Best Guide to Developing a Diet and Nutrition Mobile App

Without any doubt, the smartphone is the wonders of technological advancement. The processing power of this innovation is great. It can connect more than 3 billion people across the globe. The recent technological advancements make the young people idle. Now, people understand the significance of fitness and healthy life. In this manner, people are focusing more on improving their lifestyle and living refreshed with fitness and health trends. Individuals, regardless of their age group, are well-aware of their wellbeing and fitness. Fortunately, smartphones ignite, encourage, and support individuals to follow an excellent diet system.

How to create a nutrition and diet application?

The fitness sector is completely about offering a hassle-free lifestyle to people. As a result, people can have an excellent balance between wealth and health. If you are highly interested in investing in this multi-million dollar fitness and health industry, you can start your journey with a nutrition and diet application. 

It is because mobile phones are equipped with various technical advancements and accessible applications. The results lie in customer engagement and profit level, which will encourage you to take your passion to the next level.  

When you plan to go to develop such an application, you should understand the expectations of target consumers or end-users. The nutrition and diet should suit the minimum range of reach to make an excellent gain.

What are diet and nutrition applications?

If we combine both Google Play Store and Apple App store then you will find that there are nearly 5 million applications available on both of these platforms and a total 3% of apps are related to health and nutrition. All these are offered to target different audiences. Some of the apps such as Simple Macro, Product Scanner and others offer only single function, while other top applications FatSecret, MyFitnessPal and more offer multiple functions such as barcode scanners, shopping lists, recipes for healthy foods, calorie counters, regular meal plan, food diaries and others. 

What do you need to know before developing a diet and nutrition app?

Whenever we talk about a diet and nutrition app then we can understand it in a way like a tool to track your activities, diet you intake, calories you burn and take. Hopefully one can say that it is not an easy task to carry out and maintain with a pen and paper. Diet and nutrition apps are used to monitor your diet plan and track the nutrition required and consumed by you. 

Yes all of them have different functional powers but have few things in common. Many factors are considered before developing an app the same as in terms of diet and nutrition application development. Let’s check out the things you need to know before developing this type of app are as follows:

  • The targeted users,
  • Make proper classification,
  • Comprehensive applications,
  • User preferences,
  • Integration with wearable devices,
  • Push notifications.

Essential features should be available in nutrition and diet app

  • Registration
  • Logger/Diet wagging/food Activity
  • Dashboard
  • Diet Suggestion
  • Connectivity wearable Devices
  • Google Fit and Apple HealthKit
  • Help
  • Push Notifications
  • User-friendly and Self-intuitive
  • A blog
  • Direct network with nutrition Trainers
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Feedback
  • Community

Few advanced features that add better value to your app development

  • Free and pro membership plans (Additional Features and Without Ads)
  • Efficient CMS (Content Management System)
  • Auto medical aid according to the warnings received from the wearable gears
  • Multiple payment methods supporting multiple currencies
  • Marketing tools and advertise management modules
  • Real-time analytics for making a real-time decision
  • Feature-rich admin panel for customers, app owner, and trainers
  • Robust programs for grabbing the attention of more customers

Steps to develop a diet and nutrition application

If you want to make the app development much hassle-free, you can get professional services from a trustworthy mobile app development company. 

Technological features should be available in diet and nutrition app development

A powerful and strong technical framework is essential for increasing the performance and possibilities of app success. For achieving this goal, the apps should pass every section, including:

  • Push Notifications –
  • Phone, SMS and Voice Verification –Nexmo
  • Payments – EWallets, Stripe, Braintree & PayPal
  • Database – Postgres, MailChimp Integration, Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB
  • Cloud Environment – AWS
  • Real-time Analytics – IBM, Cisco, Apache Flink, BigData, Spark and Hadoop

There would be no difference in developing such apps. So there is no need to worry about that platform you are choosing to develop your desired app. Just follow the steps for both Android and iOS platform:

  • Discovery and research

As the first step you need to share the idea of your app to the development team. The experts can ensure that your thoughts are suitable and they can turn your thoughts into an app by analyzing the market conditions, your audience as well as competitors. It would be good to frame out the objectives and core functions of the app to make it profitable and useful.

  1.  Prototyping

Prototyping defines the structure, features and navigation of the application.

  • Code development

Code development is one of the most important steps to frame your idea into your desired product.

  • Testing

In the last step, the quality assurance team tests the apps and make it sure that the final product is error-free. After verifying the app, the app will be delivered to you.

Monetization of nutrition and diet app

Once the nutrition and diet app development is completed properly, you can start to make cash out of your app.  You can perform it through different techniques such as:

  • Bring the app for free to the people with few extra paid features
  • Include ads with your diet or nutritional apps.
  • Sell the apps for upfront cash. You should have something special for standing out and impressing future clients as the domain of nutrition and diet apps is widely saturated. It is implemented through a freemium approach. You can showcase the app, which is asking clients to purchase subscription for receiving additional functions and accept that heading “Free Calorie Counting App,” which looks really tempting.

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