Best Image Optimization Practices in 2020

If you are landed in this article then no doubt that you are looking for the best image optimization practices. In this article, I will dig into the root of some best image optimization techniques by which you can easily rank your images in search results. This will boost your traffic and revenue.

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Why image optimization is necessary?

As we all know that the internet is full of content nowadays. If you want to rank then you have to provide your content in such a way that it becomes different from others and helps you in the ranking. Image optimization is one of these Search engine optimization practices.

According to research 37% uses moves to image bar after searching anything in Google.

You can easily attract those users towards your content and get a lot of traffic and audience. For that, you have to optimize your images buy the following given tips –

  • Image Size
  • Royalty-free images
  • Properly sized
  • Well optimized

Now let’s never explained look at these practices.

Image Size

According to my research 98%, uses wants fast loading pages and images. Try to use small size images so that they can easily load and visible to the visitor. If you are using an image size 2 MB or 3 MB then, try to optimize it using the TinyPNG tool that is available for free on Google. This tool will decrease the size of your image without losing its quality and fineness.

This practice will decrease your page size and the user will easily interact with your content and images.

Royalty-free images

Do not use images directly from Google. These images will never rank and give you any traffic or revenue. If you are unable to create images then you can use some free images providing websites such as pixels and pixabay. For my good morning images blog, I always use images from pixels and pixabay. Try to craft your own images using PicsArt or any other tool.

Properly sized

This means that your images must be in the proper dimension. The proper and best dimension for an image is 640*480. This dimension is considered best because this decreases the size of the images and make your image fast loading.

If you have a lot of images in your article then firstly, you can use lazy load plugin, so that your images do not load with the first paintfull content.

Well optimized

You must enter your focus keyword in the alternative text of your image. The image name should not be something like vjhgfhhg.jpg. the proper image name must be like your_focus_keyword.jpg.

This will optimize your images for search engine results and your images will rank and give you a lot of traffic. For my image website, I personally use this optimization.

Tools in wordpress

if your website is develop in wordpress then you don’t need to do so more you have to install some plugins which is automatically optimize you image according to google guidelines.

List of plugins you should use.

  • CW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin
  • WP WordPress Plugin
  • Lazy Load WordPress Plugin
  • SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin
  • Hammy WordPress Plugin
  • Imsanity WordPress Plugin
  • Prizm Image WordPress Plugin
  • PB Responsive Images WordPress Plugin
  • Media File Renamer WordPress Plugin
  • ShortPixel


These were some of the best image optimization practices through which you can easily get your images ranked in search queries and attract visitors. In conclusion, I must say that if you will use these tips then you will get success in your blogging career.

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