Best Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

There is always something brewing in the world of technology. Either we are introduced to something new or the already introduced services and improvised for being used in ways that it wasn’t done. These technologies have contributed a lot to expend the ease and comfort of the people during their day to day activities in different capacities. The Information technology industry remains ever strong and on its way to new heights.

Among all of the advancements that have been introduced so far like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, big data, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, you have an introduction of mobile apps that have revolutionized how smartphones and relative devices are being used. You can stay connected with so many people and have the possibility of doing countless things, all by virtue of the Mobile Apps. Some number that solidifies the dominance of mobile apps taking over people’s day to day tasks.

  • 75% of people check their emails on their smartphone devices.
  • There are $2.8 Million Mobile Apps on the Google play store, open to everyone for downloading
  • Similar to the Google play store, the app store is not far behind with $2.2 Million Mobile Apps for download
  • According to the number for 2018, the mobile app industry was worth $106 Billion and is estimated to grow about 4 times till 2026
  • Google itself has come out with a very telling statistic that over 84% finding brands and making a purchase through their mobile apps, as opposed to some other platform.

As these news types of apps are introduced, makes its demand with the consumers. In terms of professional use, mobile apps can do wonders for you, like starting your business to making sure it runs smoothly by ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and you get recognized by the right consumers. With the mobile app development industry growing, it is important for not only the business people to stay up to date and with the current and ever-changing trends but equally as important for the mobile app development companies. As a business person, you need to know the possibilities that mobile apps can support your business needs. As a mobile app development company, you need to know what is being preferred around the world to provide a better service to your clients.

Lots of trends in mobile app development have come and gone, and you can expect to see the emergence of many other trends in the mobile app development business. Let us look at some of the trends that have been seen being used in the current year of 2020. These are the trends that are satisfying the needs of clients and is being used by mobile app development companies. 

Artificial Intelligence

Automation has solved a lot of our daily complications. It combines various types of technologies like machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming, recognizing the elements, and so much more. This is what AI has made possible. Now, if you combine this technology with a mobile app, it will open doors to numerous possibilities. If you are an IPhone user, you must know who Siri is, and if you an Android user, you must have interacted with a virtual assistance your own. Both are virtual assistance for their respective companies that use various subtypes of artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience. This has been pre-built by the companies, even for the common developers, AI has provided the platform to make sure they are able to create quality mobile apps, and the consumer can take advantage of it. A mobile app usually interacts with the parts and functions of a mobile device and ensures the purpose. In the midst of this, if you add the AI technology, you can unlock various possibilities. For example, if you let your app interact with the camera, your app will be capable of facial recognition, speech recognition, image detection, and much more. If you combine it with the GPS in your device, it can detect your locations, measure the distance or time of somewhere, as famous apps like Foodpanda, Uber, Careem do.

Cloud Storage:

Despite being introduced a long while back, the concept of a cloud has yet to be used by a large number of companies and people as it should have, as is the case with the Mobile Apps as new technologies are offering different services. This competitive nature in the technological world is making them generate a large amount of data. We will be soon be required to go beyond our local store and find other avenues to store our data. That soon is most likely to be this year, of 2020. When a mobile app is using the cloud technology, not only will the users would not have to worry about the space they are occupying, but the less space consumed in the local storage will prove to create a smoother user experience. This is being understood by companies around the world that are offering cloud services. There has been a notable decrease in their services has been observed by the consumers. Not only does cloud storage offer you more storage, but it also secures your data and is considered to be more reliable and efficient than the local storage of your phone.

Built-in Wallets:

Slowly but surely are fading away the days where we would carry large amounts of money to pay for our buying, and it is only a matter of time when the concept of having to charge from our credit and debit card are expected to be extinct. So what will be the next big thing in terms of payment method? Say hello to Mobile Commerce. This concept has been used by mobile apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung way, and more. With time, more mobile apps are expected to adopt this trend. Reports from 2017 have shown that worldwide, there are 87 Million People use Apple Pay and 34 Million people used Samsung pay in 2017. This number is expected to increase exponentially, as it gives the user immense ease and security while making a transaction.

On-Demand Mobile Apps:

It is becoming a very busy world, and those who do not keep up with it will be left behind and overtaken by someone else. This has created an opening for the on-demand mobile apps are thriving. The consumer wants the ease of getting a certain service, and that ease is being provided by these apps, so it is a win-win situation for both. Mobile Apps like Careem, for availing the transport service at your doorstep, Zomato, for availing the food delivered to you,, for booking your accommodations in most places by just sitting at home. One of the biggest advantages of this mobile app is that it saves a person’s time and effort, which can be utilized elsewhere, so it is in high demand and growing.


The emergence of mobile apps has changed the game in almost all industries. It has become a necessity for more or less every company or business to stay in the industry and avoid being overtaken by others. We do not know how long will these trends of 2020 remain for, and we do not know what new trends await application in the future. What we do know that we do know is that whoever manages to adapt to this change will increase the chances of making more progress in whatever they are doing, as opposed to someone who does not, as mobile apps and its possibilities changing very constantly.

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