Best Online Survey Sites That Are Reliable And Pays Well

Who doesn’t like a few extra pennies? And, if these extra pennies are from work that is easy and not that time consuming, then it becomes even better!

Especially, at this time when we all are sitting at our homes, locked up, any work from home job that could be easily done and pays you off sounds good!

Even though these sidekicks are not going to give you overall financial support, yet, it is surely going to cover up your few extra expenses.

One such amazing way of earning from home is by giving paid surveys. Visiting websites that pay for taking surveys is the best way of earning easy cash rewards. But, whenever we think about earning through surveys, there is always thought of doubt in our mind. Whether these survey taking websites are honest or not?

Well, there is no specific answer to this doubt. It completely depends on what type of site are you engaging yourself with. It is very important to find trustworthy websites that will actually pay you for taking surveys.

There are many websites linked with marketing firms that are legal and reliable. These firms take surveys to complete their marketing research. And, hence, one has to find such credible websites.

Here are some of the best and reliable websites that you can use for earning your extra income.

●   Swagbucks

When we talk about the best survey paying websites, Swagbucks comes to the top list. It is one of the most credible and oldest websites in this field.

This website provides numerous ways in which you can earn money. This website pays off to its members for watching videos, web searches, surveys, playing games, making purchases, and many other activities.

Swagbucks, pay in the manner of cash rewards, prizes, vouchers, etc.


●   GlobalTestMarket

This platform was founded in 1999 and is an amazing platform for earning through online surveys. It serves many clients with market research services.

You can earn many rewards through surveys. These rewards can be later used in different ways such as converted into cash through PayPal, redeemed as coupons, donated to charity, etc.

This site has merged with another very famous site MySurvey in the name of LifePoints.


●   OnePoll

Another amazing platform to earn through online surveys. OnePoll offers a bonus for new users just after they sign up.

This site deals with short and quick surveys. These surveys are related to different topics related to different niches. The reward per survey is not fixed. The rewards are in the form of cash or PayPal credits.


●   Toluna

Wherever you go through a list of online sites that pay for taking surveys, Toluna will surely be a part of that list. It is one of the biggest platforms undertaking online surveys.

The rewards are given in the form of cash or vouchers. It is a very trustworthy website. Many big companies are connected with it to find out the views of customers about their products.


●   i-Say (IPSOS)

i-Say is a website which is working in this field for many years and has won the trust of its members. It collaborates with many big companies.

This site is one of the best paying among its competitors. The rewards are given in the form of high street or Amazon vouchers. Additionally, this site organizes prize draws for its members.


●   Branded Surveys

Branded surveys is an online community. It carries out many online market research daily. The membership of this site is available to those who are residing in the UK, US, and Canada.

Branded surveys were earlier known by the name of Mintvine. The rewards are given in the form of cash or gift cards. The amount per survey differs. Every new member can get a 100 points bonus for signing up, completing a profile, and taking the profile survey.


●   Inbox Pounds

This site is also known as InboxDollars in the USA. This site is quite famous among the students. The reason is the unique way in which you can earn through this site.

The site pays its members for not only surveys but also for playing games and searching through the web.

Also, you get a free signup bonus as a new member.

The site also has a special gold membership. You become a gold member just after you cash out your transaction for the first time. Being a gold member has its perks like referral awards, faster payments, more entries, etc.


●   Opinion Outpost

Another very reliable and well-known website is Opinion Outpost. This website also allows its members to earn credits by participating in online surveys.

All you need to do to start earning is to create a profile for yourself on their website. Once, you create an account you will be able to see your dashboard providing you all the details and your rewards.

The website asks you to fill some short and quick surveys before giving you the actual surveys. These short surveys help them to understand you and find out the right kind of topics for you.

The rewards are given in the form of online payments, gift cards, or Amazon vouchers.


●   The Opinion Panel Community

Get started just after signing up! They provide a special new member bonus after new signups.

The Opinion Panel Community is the UK’s largest research panel. The target age group belongs from 13-30.

This site provides online surveys for many leading brands and universities.

The pay per survey varies from survey to survey. Rewards are made in the form of cash, credits, high street, or Amazon vouchers.

This is an amazing platform to earn good extra bucks. The surveys are quick and simple and take just 10-15 minutes.


How to stay safe and avoid any scans while using online survey sites?

  • Never give your official and confidential information like your Driving License number, voter ID number, etc.
  • Never give your bank account information. Instead, use online payment methods like PayPal.
  • If a website is asking you to submit a certain amount of money as a startup, then the website is not at all credible. Never fall into such situations.
  • No legitimate website provides too high signup bonuses.
  • Promises like gifts, free products, daily bonuses, etc. are all scams.

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