Best Ophthalmology EHR Software and Reviews List in 2021

Ophthalmology practices care for people with eye diseases.  The ophthalmologists face many unique challenges as they have many things to look into and keep a track of. There are many things to be on top, such as individual patient cases, prescription slips to fill out, surgeries to schedule, billing, and many other operational and administrative tasks as well. When you are looking to add an EHR software to manage these tasks, you want one that will improve practice efficiency, and not cause more challenges. To guarantee that, you need a quality, specialty oriented EHR.  Ophthalmology EHR software, such as Liquid EHR are designed specifically to streamline all the ophthalmology related tasks on the go. These specialty-specific EMR systems come with special features that are not available in the general software.

Other than the generic features, an ophthalmology EHR will include features like E&M coding advice, document scanning/imaging and clinical reminders, e-prescribing, etc. The best electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic health record (EHR) systems for ophthalmology practices will also include features to efficiently document and patient encounters and specialized exam templates that automatically populate patient information. Experts say these programs also support integration with diagnostics systems, and some include a point of sale (POS) system for the sale of contact lenses and glasses.

There are multiple Ophthalmology EHR vendors to choose from, but expertise, daily workflows, budgets, and business scope may vary. Here is where we will explore the major players in this category for 2021. Our top picks include:

  1. CureMD

 CureMD makes it to our Best Ophthalmology EHR 2021 List. The software’s Ophthalmology EHR is an incomparable solution as Ophthalmologists can rely upon its technology to replace inefficient manual processes. The system adds to the quality, safety and efficiency of a practice, reducing the cost in an Ophthalmology setting. CureMD has built-in templates suitable for Ophthalmology that streamline and automate the whole workflow. Besides the standard EHR functionalities, its ophthalmology EHR connects with Ophthalmology Diagnostic systems to carry out several procedures like retinal scans. The system straight away adds digital images and results directly to patient records. Ophthalmology-specific content, such as automated refraction measurements can also be imported by the Ophthalmologists. The information gathered from electronic billing, EHR and Practice Management is fused by the system for reporting, analysis and trending.

  1. EMA Ophthalmology by Modernizing Medicine

KLAS 2019 Report declares Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) a top-rated ophthalmology EMR system for overall customer experience. Built specifically for ophthalmologists, EMA offers tailor-fit solutions to adapt to the needs of multiple practices. The touch, mobile and cloud-based system helps ophthalmologists move through procedures and exams effectively and enhances practice performance. The solution helps users to streamline office workflow from patient check-in and product sales. Ophthalmology practice management software works seamlessly with EMR software, enabling clients to build a complete database of the services carried out in the office and the products sold. Using Modernizing Medicine solution, receptionists can quickly collect payments, sell and allocate funds to complete the transaction as it allows them to pick from a predefined list of charges and products. In addition to EMA, their Ophthalmology suite offers business operation services, practice management, a MIPS intelligence platform, image management, and patient engagement tools (including ASC solution and modmed Kiosk)

  1. myCare Integrity

MyCare Integrity, a cloud-based medical practice software for ophthalmologists and optometrists offers users the flexibility to choose the finest solutions that best fit their office needs. It is a best-of-breed solution that comes with a suite of modules to help providers manage the patient information. IntegriVIEW links images straight to every screen throughout the EMR. Users can depend upon traditional drawing tools or use ”stamps” from the pre-designed images using IntegriDRAW. All the digital diagnostic equipment installed before in the clinic is linked to the system through integriLINK. The solution also offers a personalized dashboard and an internal messaging function; tasks like appointments and lab orders can be generated directly from Integrity EMR. On top of this, it enables users to complete the patient’s history of illness.

  1. Liquid EHR

LiquidEHR software offers a cutting edge electronic health record (EHR) solution for ophthalmology and optometry practices. This ONC-ATCB certified platform comes with a practice management system designed for ease of use and efficiency, scalable to your specific needs. Designed specifically to cater to the needs of the eye care industry in conjunction with a team of pioneering doctors, the software  provides secure multi-user, multi-office access to data from the front and back office and even into the doctors living room. All these functionalities make Liquid EHR one of our top picks for the discussed category.

  1. EyeMD EMR

Designed by Ophthalmologists for Ophthalmologists, EyeMD EMR offers electronic medical records (EMR) and DICOM imaging solutions to improve clinical functionality, workflows, and practice efficiency. The software also caters to ophthalmology sub-specialties, including Cornea, Retina, Glaucoma, and Pediatrics. It offers a simple and intuitive user interface that lets your practice staff – and you – work easier, faster, and smarter. Key functionalities include practice management, image management, patient self-service as well as integration with built-in DICOM imaging and IRIS Registry to automate both patient care and clinical discovery. One of our top picks for Ophthalmology EHR 2021, EyeMD EMR offers efficient workflows throughout the patient visit process, from patient sign-in through testing, treatment, review, and billing.

Final Thoughts

The ophthalmology EMR market is still full of turbulence, and ophthalmologists are bound to reconsider their EHR choices. To ensure you get the ideal solution from a plethora of options, you need to keep your practice requirements in mind and stay updated about the latest developments in the ophthalmology EMR market. Don’t forget to check out Liquid EHR and other mentioned eye care software vendors to make the most comprehensive purchase for your practice.

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